Halcyon Tasmania

Using astrological charting, meditation, and counselling tools, let me help you heal, explore and grow.

I can assist you in gaining insight into your potential and with this awareness settle into your own true path.

About Me

My Journey

I was born in 1968 in Germany, grew up in England and migrated to Australia in 1989. I gained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in psychology from the University of Tasmania in 1994, and worked as a registered psychologist for the next 24 years. From childhood I have been drawn to the big questions around life: who am I; why am I here; does fate exist; do I have free will; etc. Obviously then, spirituality became my core focus! With early experiences of growing up in agnostic family of Anglican Christian background, I was thankfully exposed to the inspiration of the Bhagavad-Gita in my teenage years by proselytising Hare-Krishna’s in my local town centre. As an esoteric explorer, I met many similar souls on the same path, leading me to the arcane British mystical heritage of Glastonbury, King Arthur and the gamut of England’s historical magickal thinkers. Traveling through Freemasonry, Gnosticism, esoteric Christianity, Theosophy, western magickal traditions, energy healing and astrology, I’ve found the essential key to living a balanced and harmonious life in combining the insight of astrology with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutura’s. Helping to balance my life is my enjoyment of family, gardening and bush walking.

How can Astrology help you?

Your birth chart reading is like a map of your life – past, present, future.

It identifies your strengths and weakness from an archetypal perspective that will help you reach your full potential.

Feeling stuck, sad, or unmotivated?

Want to be free?

Understanding the current planetary influence upon your natal chart can help you apply the strengths within yourself to master the challenges we face in life.


Metaphysical and astrological consultations via Zoom/Skype and email.

Birth chart – $150 (includes chart and video conference to discuss the findings). A birth chart reading can provide a guide to your strengths and weakness, so you can better manage such factors as your career, relationships, finances, children, love and health, etc.

Forecasting – $120 – $180 (dependent on period covered, quarterly or yearly). Here I use various techniques of astrological prediction such as planetary transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Solar Returns and other ancient astrological techniques such as the magickal Profections, so you can better prepare for your future. I can provide you with a predictive forecast that looks at the current and upcoming planetary movements that will influence your life: being forewarned is forearmed

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