All life is a process of transformation – Are you ready for the next 20 years?

2020 has been a huge year of personal and collective challenge.

We have been forced to review the way we operate in the world.

With the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction* happening on December 21/22, it’s time for us to get rid of the old ways of doing things and prepare ourselves to live completely differently!

We will be entering a 20 year cycle where Jupiter and Saturn will play together in Aquarius.

Aquarius is an Air element, and is all about innovative, inventive, radical, and intelligent ways of operating.

This will be an extremely dynamic 20 years where realism (Saturn) and optimism (Jupiter) will influence the very core of our societal and individual existences!

But not only is this a new 20 year cycle, these planets are going to cycle together for the next 200 years in Air signs.

Such a huge change in elemental cycle is referred to as a Great Mutation – we will change!

This is the beginning of a new age: think, a change from the Industrial Age (the element of Earth) to the Digital Age (the element of Air).

To prepare yourself, take a look at your natal chart and see which House Aquarius rules, and check which Houses Jupiter and Saturn will be transiting. This will give you an idea where these energies are going to shake your personal world: be prepared and start working on them now!


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