New Moon with karmic reminders!

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We have a New Moon at 23°Sagittarius at approximately 3:15am  on 15th December.

For parts of South America it will also be a Solar Eclipse, and mundane astrologers would suggest that earthly upheavals may occur (earthquakes, political or cultural changes, etc).

For us here in Australia, and personally we also face potential upheavals, but of the karmic nature!

Looking at the chart below, we can see the Eclipse conjoining the South Node and forming an opposition to the North node.

Two of the most important points in a person’s natal chart are the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

These are not physical planets, but mathematical points reflecting the way in which the orbit of Earth interacts with that of the Moon.

This orbit is a curving snake like path and is reflected by the solar and lunar eclipses we sometimes get to see.

On an esoteric level, the Nodes reflect a symbolic meaning that reveals our past and future!

To use eastern terms, the South Node shows us our karma – what we need to address, and the North Node, our dharma – what we need to strive for to live a fulfilling life.

For example, if your North Node sits in the 11th House, you will need to consider being less self-centred, involving yourself in groups for the sake of the group not your own ego.

The South Node in this case will be in the 5th House, making it really easy for you let your ego take control of your life and loose sight of what really brings you peace, fulfilment and happiness.

The South Node behaviours are easy for us and as such there will always be tension between the two Nodes!

So, the New Moon of the 15th December portends to be very interesting for all of us!

The South Node is in Sagittarius and the North in Gemini.

With Mercury conjoining the Eclipse, we have a clear message that communication, information, data, knowledge and wisdom are at stake.

With a Sagittarius South Node we could suggest that our thinking is somewhat blurred by big picture things and we need to take time out to reappraise how we seek information and analyse it for practical value.

The North node in Gemini guides us here, clear, basic, simple, unbiased data – the nuts and bolts that mean something: this is where we need to put our energy.

Simply put, forget the grand theories and focus on what you perceive.

But that is not all!

Mercury and the Eclipse both form a harmonic aspect to Mars, increasing the sense of mental alertness that will aid our exploration of the karmic needs of how we perceive and process information.

As seen in the chart there is another aspect that may cause some upset to this seemingly clear process: a tense aspect to Neptune, who is now in direct motion within his own sign of Pisces! 

With Neptune in the mix, we need to be cautious that the information we are utilising is harmonious and accurate, not delusional, fear or paranoia inducing!

Does it resonate with the heart? Does it install fear? Choose wisely and remember that it is the nuts and bolts we need to be focusing on at this point in time, not the great philosophical meanings!


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