Aspects in action, part 1: Princess Diana

Here I am using the natal chart of Princess Diana to exemplify how aspects can bring a chart to life!

Aspects represent connections between planets, points and angles within a chart.

Quite simply, we can say that aspects provide us with a deep astrological explanation to who we are.

If you know of the People’s Princess’ story , you might enjoy how astrology resonates with her experience of life.

The basic aspects include:

Conjunctions occur when two planets are within 10 degrees of orb of each other (an orb is the distance measured in degrees between the the two planets – the smaller the orb, the more intense the relationship). When conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and their energies remain unique to their own essence but are directed together.

Oppositions happen when the two planets are opposite each of (of course), which equates to 180 degrees apart. This creates a challenging sense of push-pull and requires balance and cooperation.

A Square is found when the two planets are 90 degrees apart, creating dynamic tension – grist for the mill of life!

Trines occur when the planets in question are separated by 120 degrees apart and bring harmony to an issue if tapped into and applied supportively in life.

A Sextile is half a trine – 60 degrees between the two planets being aspected. Being half a trine, they bring the opportunity to gain support in an area of life if we utilise the planetary energies appropriately.

Sun conjunct Mercury Cancer 7th House 

Princes Diana:Sun conjunct Mercury Cancer 7th House 

Princess Diana’s sense of self identity (Sun) was fused (conjunct) with with her conscious mind (Mercury): she identified herself with her thoughts – she ‘was’ what she thought – “I think, therefore, I am”! For Princess Diana, if she successfully merged the energy of her Sun and Mercury, she would shine by using her power of communication.

Being in Cancer brings the essence of mother-hood, the need to nurture, and be nurtured to her urge to express herself fully (Sun) and with the merging of Mercury with this drive, we can say that she expressed herself through her emotions. 

With this fundamental drive being experienced in the 7th House, Princess Diana’s sense of individuality was tied to that of forming meaningful relationships that allowed for the exchange of ideas that would stimulate and see her grow as an individual (Gemini is on the 7th House cusp).

For Princess Diana, this conjunction in Cancer was intercepted within the 7th House (Gemini), suggesting that she may have struggled in life to readily manifest this universal driving force: her voice and identity may have been stifled by the relationships she found herself in!

Mars conjunct Pluto Virgo 8th opposite Chiron Pisces 2nd 

Princess Diana: Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces

Mars in Virgo suggests an assertive drive to fulfil one’s duty. Princess Diana’s selfless (Virgo) willpower (Mars) finds expression in merging deeply with others in order to experience and know the depths of all life has to offer (8th House). Being conjunct Pluto suggests that the Mars drive is merged with the intensity of Pluto to seek total regeneration of the self through the experience of deep interactions in life (8th House). With Cancer on the cusp of the 8th House, emotional issues centring on the need to nurture and be nurtured will flavour this fusion of Mars and Pluto energies.

Opposing Chiron will see tension between this powerful concentration of assertion and transformation (Mars conjunct Pluto) and Princess Diana’s centre of pain and healing. If played well, Princess Diana may have found these energies to have cooperated and produced the healing required to self-transform completely.

Being in Pisces, Chiron will have the flavour of spiritual oneness with all of life! A sense of universal connectedness: that we are one and not separate. For Princess Diana, this could have translated into a sense of not really knowing who she is? Feeling that she is more than what she directly experiences in life; that she is connected to something greater than the self of her thoughts. Being in the 2nd House, this ‘wound’ would manifest for Princess Diana in terms of values, resources and security: until she found the resources that healed her wound from within herself she could not find unity with the greater self: the Universal Self. Helping those that were marginalised and sick, such as she did bringing worldwide attention to the onset of HIV/AIDS when others where not doing much to help these patients, would have assisted in healing her wounds and helping to to find the emotional value, creativity and safety she required in her lifetime.

PRINCESS DIANA 1996 WASHINGTON DC PHOTO WAS ON THE COVER OF US NEWS MAGAZINE. John Mathew Smith & from Laurel  Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Knowing about the aspects in your natal chart is invaluable for plotting your life’s adventure: knowing how the planets interact with each other and how this energy plays out in your daily life can help you live to your full potential.

If you would like to explore the aspects of your chart and much more, I can draw up your natal (birth) chart and provide an in-depth outline of everything that makes you you and how to use this information to live your best life.

The chart and video consultation to discuss your horoscope in full via Skype or Zoom, costs $120.


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