Cosmic ‘weather’ forecasting for a new quality of being!

Astrology allows us to gain an insight into the current and future cosmic ‘weather’ – the planetary energies that are likely to impact on our lives here on Earth.

Just as you would check the weather forecast to see if a trip to the beach was a good idea or how to dress for your walk to work, the transits of the planets can give us an idea as to where we might find tension in our lives: forewarned is forearmed!

From around 17th to 23rd January, we have a great example of how astrology can help us in everyday life.

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius and square Uranus conjunct Mars in Taurus.

This is wild astrological weather!

Recall that when planets are conjunct, their energies fuse and  share a purpose: they are unified and whilst their energies remain unique to their own essence they are directed together.

A square brings tense energies and will create a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide us with the greatest opportunity for growth.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn brings the search for meaning and opportunities together with obligation, commitment and boundaries. These energies will be expressed within the Aquarian drive for radical and innovative change, whether that be individual or group related ! 

The ’stormy weather’ comes from these energies colliding with Uranus conjunct Mars in Taurus.

Uranus seeks authenticity, individuality and freedom, but often gains these via sudden and unpredictable change. Combining with the assertiveness of Mars, and having these energies being expressed in a determined Taurian way, we could be facing some volatile ‘weather’!

Tension is likely therefore  between our individual needs and our social responsibilities; between the traditional authoritarian views and more innovative and forward looking ways of doing things; what we see as ‘our’ truth versus that of someone else’s ’truth’!

The stress of the square could bring these internal and external issues into conflict with us feeling a need to assert ourselves, speak our ’truth’, and seek reform! The astro-weather could send us some thunder and lightening!

So, being forewarned we can be mindful that we use these energies wisely: don’t allow your ‘buttons’ to be pushed; breath and reflect on how you can adapt and grow wisely in the face of any ’storm’ that arises for you.

Where will you find this ’stormy weather’ occurring in your individual world? 

Take a good look at your birth chart and see in which Houses you find Aquarius and Taurus : this is where there astro-weather will be focused for you.

Also, do you have any planets in the other fixed signs of Scorpio and Leo? If they are between 04 and 08 degrees, you’ll also be experiencing this unsettling weather in the Houses they fall in too.

Check my home page if you’d like me to have me explore your chart with you.

Better still, learn to do such forecasting for yourself – check out my basic, learn astrology course here.


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