New Moons and castrating gods!

Believe it or not – there is a theme!

We have a New Moon on February 12th 23° Aquarius at 6:05AM AEDT (7:05pm GMT, 11th February).

At around the time of this New Moon, The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all find themselves in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius.

With the New Moon sharing this line-up,  we can expect a cosmic energy boost to our inventive, innovative, radical, yet objective and humanitarian selves!

This New Moon will be a  good time to start a new venture – maybe join a group of like-minded individuals; maybe you’ll meet via Zoom; maybe your goals are to revision the future – all Aquarian concepts!

As I often say, nothing in astrology occurs in isolation – a New Moon will never occur without the other planets forming relationships that paint the full cosmic picture.

As such, there are also other aspects occurring, such as Mars squaring the Sun, Moon and Mercury: making us quick to anger? maybe too impatient? or, too assertive? Things to be mindful of at this time!

But, of great significance is Saturn’s square to Uranus – this relationship between the mythologically castrated father (Uranus) and the castrator son (Saturn) is going to be playing out huge for us all this year! 

Uranus (Ouranous) created the Heavens and with Gaia (creator of Earth) brought forth many of the Greek gods and other mythological beings, some of which were unpleasing to Uranus (such as cyclops) and he returned them to live within Gaia. Well, not being too happy with giving birth and them having her children returned to her, she had one of her children castrate Uranus! This child was Chronos, known to us as Saturn, who then overthrow his father to become king of the Gods (until his son, Zeus – Jupiter did the same to him!) – it was worse than Days of Our Lives back in the times of the Titans and Olympians! 

Image: Castration of Uranus-

Saturn is responsibilities, accountability, the need for stability and security, and the maintenance of traditions. Also known as the The Lord of Karma.

Uranus is independence from tradition, change, innovation and invention, as well as championing  the unconventional. The Great Awakener.

Almost polar opposites, and being in square aspect at the time of this post – expect friction in your life where your natal chart has any planets at around 4° to 18°of the fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

In which House you find these planets in your natal chart will be subject to revolutionary scrutiny – is it time to radically change the way you operate in this world? Is it time to establish new traditions? Expect the status-quo to be shaken up – its time to reinvent ourselves!

More on this significant astrological events in the coming weeks.

Back to the New Moon –  a  time to ‘plant the seeds’ for our next stage in our ongoing transformation. Where this occurs in your birth chart, you will feel the drive to change, revolutionise and transcend the old ways of being or doing things – innovate and reinvent yourself  – and take someone with you on this new journey in life!

So, where will this New Moon be energetically influencing your life? 

Check out the aspects that the New Moon at 23° Aquarius makes to any planets you have between 19 – 27° degrees, such as:

  • Squares in Taurus or Scorpio (these will be tense energies creating a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth);
  • Oppositions in Leo (here, there will be the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies);
  • Trines in Gemini or Libra (harmony and flow will be found here, but if not worked with, the energies will lack the vitality there can bring);
  • Sextiles in Sagittarius or Aries (sextiles provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities to grow).  
  • Conjunctions in Aquarius.  When conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and their energies remain unique to their own essence but are directed together.

Which ever House the planet is in will determine where you will be experiencing the impact of the New Moon.

Take a look at my home page if you’d like to contact me to do this for you, and also this post to get a better understanding of aspects and their use in astrological interpretation.


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