Can friction, tension and conflict be a good thing?

With Saturn squaring Uranus on 18 February 2021 it could be so!

Saturn at 07° 13’ Aquarius squares Uranus at 07° 13’ Taurus.

In astrology, a square is a harmonic aspect between two planets forming a 90° angle.

A square brings tense energies which can create a sense of collision, friction, conflict, and stress, but which if handled well, will provide us with greatest opportunity for growth!

To handle such a situation well requires us to take action.

Such a situation occurs on 18th February when we find Saturn squaring Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of our Soul’s evolution as Uranus connects our personal mind with that of the Universal Mind.

With Uranus, we gain a glimpse of the universal consciousness, and this aids us in realigning our earthly goals with a bigger picture, one that satisfies our evolutionary drive to become something more than we currently are.

This realignment provided by Uranus is in potential only – we need to take action to make it manifest in our life here on Earth.

Luckily, we have Saturn to push us into action: to turn a sartorial moment into a firm foundation for the authentic self to establish itself and continue to flourish!

Recall that Saturn in Greek mythology is Kronos and it was he who usurped his father Uranus to become King of the Gods (see my post here for more mythology). To enflame the conflict between these gods, it is worth noting that Saturn traditionally rules Aquarius but has had that role appropriated by Uranus!

With that in mind, we can see that Saturn may enjoy causing Uranus some conflict!

For us mortals though, we are being challenged by this friction: challenged by Father Time (Kronos = Saturn) to take action and build a new model of our evolving self (revealed by Uranus).

Saturn will challenge us to use our earthly assets to build a transcendent being: a Uranian being that is structurally sound and committed to seeing our karmic responsibilities in this incarnation.

Heavy stuff!

No wonder our ancient foremothers and fathers referred to this deep transformative work as The Great Work – the true alchemical change to realign and rebuild ourselves into the True Self – the Universal Self.

With all of this occurring in Taurus we can see how this cosmic drive will be expressed for us on the earthly plane.

As we know, Taurus is a fixed earth sign. He is is the Bull – a powerful vibrant creature that seeks the security of material stability – happy in a verdant paddock of lush grass, a shady tree and a flowing brook are His fundamental needs, desires and all.

As a Zodiacal Sign, Taurus instills within in us a practical and sensual nature, along with a  commitment to endure and maintain a loving peaceful existence. 

Great stuff if all is going well for the Bull, but if his brook dries up and his grass starts to wither, will His stubborn nature allow Him to move on and find greener pastures elsewhere?

With Saturn probing Uranus to action in the sign of Taurus we have the situation where we are being asked to seek new and radical ways to secure our material sense of security, to review and reset our concept of value, wealth, and worth.

For many of us, if we sit with this and meditate on the depth of the cosmic urge for spiritual revolution we may come to the conclusion that instead of placing great value on material wealth, we must realign our societal, cultural and personal values in order to recognise increases in consciousness as of greater value: conscious wealth!

Why do I suggest this? Saturn is Aquarius – the sign of the Mind, consciousness and future vision!

Interesting times ahead for us all. 

So, if you have any planets between 1° to 19° in the Fixed Signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius you’ll definitely be feeling the push to evolve your way of thinking and revaluate what you value.

By the way, this is not a one of event, this is part of a 45 year cycle that started in 1988! I’ll write more on this soon.

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