Activation of our Authenticity!

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Here in Australia we will have a Full Moon on February 27th at 8 degrees 57 minutes of Virgo.

Virgo nourishes the soul and the body: she is the maiden that seeks purity of mind, body and spirit.

Being ruled by Mercury, Virgo seeks to enlighten and is the bridge between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen.

Virgo is therefore ever helpful, thoughtful, and is associated with daily life, our work and our wellbeing.

With the Full Moon being in Virgo, our emotional needs can come under the spotlight for review: perhaps its time to live a healthier lifestyle? Are we managing the stressors of life in a positive and proactive way? Is our working life in balance with our emotional life? Can we find a way to de-stress and improve our mental wellbeing?

As I always say, nothing in astrology occurs in isolation!

Here we also have the influence of the Saturn Uranus square I wrote about here.

With the Full Moon, this then may be the opportunity to make radical and even revolutionary changes to the way in which manage our work and wellbeing, and how we nourish the body and soul.

We may find that the processes we started earlier this year and especially those around the time of the New Moon of February 12th at 23° Aquarius are perfect for our transformation and mark the way forward to a healthier way of being.

Whatever you do now that has a positive impact on your whole self, will become the new foundation for your journey to the authentic self: your original self that is part of the whole!

Obviously, this may not come easily, the Saturn Uranus square brings tension and upheaval: we will rebel against the old ways of doing things and implement new ways of being!

Luckily, the Pisces Sun being conjunct Venus, will illuminate these issues with an ability to find the contentment, value and beauty in making such difficult changes to our way of living.

Interesting times ahead for us all!

So, where will this Full Moon be energetically influencing your life and revealing areas for change? Check which House the Full Moon is transiting in your natal chart.

For example, in the chart above it is in the 1st House of our identity and the manner in which we explore the world around us. With the Full Moon lighting up this area of life, our emotional needs will be in the forefront and will need to be well balanced to make sure we don’t drain others with our own need to be nurtured! Finding new and improved ways of gaining our emotional security will be the focus!

If the Full Moon was in your 7th House of balance through partnership, co-operation with others maybe ripe for review and if played well, will see a strengthening of connection as we explore life with someone else in companionship!

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