Using astrology to live life to the full.

Learn practical astrology.

Six Session Zoom Class

starting 1 September 2021

Using your own birth chart*, you will be given magickal and astrological tools to work with the planets here on Earth and use them to your Soul’s advantage!

This bi-weekly 6 session on-line course will be fundamental and basic in an essential and  practical manner.

You will be able to readily apply the information to your life and use it to power yourself through this incarnation.

Week 1: Living in harmony with the seasons: astrology’s secret to getting the most out of life:

○ What is astrology? ○ Tropical Astrology and The Ecliptic

○ The Zodiac ○ The Planets

Week 2: Living a magickal life by partnering with your birth chart:

○ The four angles and your incarnation ○ My chart ruler

○ Elemental influences ○ The Houses and life’s experience

Week 3: My Soul’s journey in this incarnation:

○ Navigating the Head and Tail of the Dragon!

Week 4: Healing my wounds and growth in this incarnation.

○ Chiron ○ Archetypes and the value of mythology 

Week 5: How to use your birth chart and the cosmic cycle for happiness  and expansion:

○  Planning your future?   ○ Happy Returns – The cycle of birthday growth

Week 6: Harnessing the power of the Planets!

○ Managing Mercury retrogrades ○ Preparing for the cosmic ‘weather

  • The course commences 7pm on Wednesday, 1st September 2021 and then bi-weekly Wednesday for 6 sessions.
  • It will be run as a small class to ensure a personal experience for all (min 4/max 6 participants).
  • Each session will be via Zoom, and will last up to 2 hours, including Q&A. 
  • Cost is $150.00 paid in advance.
  • Each session will be recorded and provided afterwards for you to review.
  • To enrol or gain further information email me here

*When you enrol, I will ask if you consent to me using your birth chart to exemplify the course material – it really does make it personal and helps to understand the concepts! If you consent, I will need your birth details: city of birth, date and time. Your personal details, aside from name will not be made available to others.

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