Finding contentment in Taurus 2021

Happy Birthday to all my Taurus friends and welcome to Taurus Season!

20th April 2021 until 21 May 2021

The Goddess arrives! The Earth is born!

The sunlight gleams on the Bull’s gold horn.

All nature stirs as Taurus is seen,

bearing Venus, the Earth’s bright Queen.

The fire of Mars is lulled to rest

as he lays his head on her soft breast.

Lady of Love all hail to thee,

for Cupid’s swift dart and quickening tree.

Venus in Taurus shows the way,

to live our lives from day to day.

In sons and daughters of this sign

patience and loyalty in them shine.

Wisdom too is here aligned,

in the Sacred Bull all are combined.

Venus manifest in fertile Earth,

all her glories brings to birth!

Taurus, by Patricia C. Crowther. 

A stirring poem from one of my favourite Wiccan’s, written from a northern hemisphere perspective, but just as meaningful for us in the southern hemisphere as it is so rich with Taurian imagery!

Patricia evokes the Fixed nature of Taurus, his enduring stability and drive to preserve. She highlights the Bull’s receptivity, reliability and practicality of the Earth element, as well as the rulership of Venus in this sign. 

Listen Patricia read her Rite of Taurus here

On the day of the ingress into the sign of Taurus we find the Sun forming a wonderful stellium with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus.

With Venus ruling Taurus, She is dignified here, and joins with the Sun to express affection, beauty and harmony in the revelation  of our true self.

Mercury aids our ability to communicate this creative being, and Uranus awakens our desire to be authentic!

Uranus in Taurus has us re-evaluate our self-worth and our relationship with material possessions: What do I value? Does the accumulation of ’stuff’ really make me happy? What do I really need to be content? In ourselves, we need to find our true value!

Uranus remains in Taurus all year (actually, until 2026!) and will influence our lives greatly (see my post here for more on this).

Fundamentally, this a challenge from the Great Awakener to seek independence from tradition so as to  establish a secure and harmonious new being: our unique, inventive, creative and authentic self.

If you’d like to learn more about Uranus, Taurus and how you can use astrology to better your living experience, check out my basic learn astrology course here.


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