Jupiter in Pisces – Compassion and Intuition Rule!

For awhile anyway!

Jupiter will ingress (astrological term meaning ‘to move’) into 00° Pisces at 8:36am AEST, Friday 14th May 2021. 

As a 01°Piscean I can’t wait for this ingress as Jupiter will be conjunct my Sun for the whole of this period. 

Jupiter will go retrograde during His time in Pisces, traversing back through 02° to 00° Pisces from 21 June until around 11:15am on Wednesday 28th July when He makes ingress back into Aquarius at 29°.

Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until 29th December this year and then He will spend most of 2022 in Pisces (He’ll retrograde into Aries in the middle of 2002). 

This brief transit during May  to July this year will give us an idea as to His benefit influence on our lives during 2022. 

So what is so good about having Jupiter in Pisces?

Jupiter is the Traditional Ruler of Pisces. Neptune became the ruler in the 19th Century. And where is Neptune during this period? He is in Pisces too! With both rulers in their sign of Dignity, their greatest expression will be energised to the full!

Wherever we find Jupiter in our charts we find expansion, so in Pisces He expands Piscean energy in the areas of:

♊︎ Empathy ♊︎ Compassion ♊︎ Intuition ♊︎ Creativity ♊︎ Spirituality

Jupiter in Pisces plays the role of the seer, urging us to seek meaning, find connectivity, to adventure in search of wisdom and gain faith in our awareness of being!

In Pisces, Jupiter awakens our urge to know and to know we must go inwards and use our minds to comprehend the incomprehensible so that we can come back out with new found wisdom and live life in world to our fullest potential. 

Wow – such a Piscean statement! 

But one that resonates with this cosmic energy and one that shows how valuable the Piscean tools of empathy, intuition and creativity are essential to the work we will be urged to perform on our inner being during this transit of Jupiter.

Neptune is here too, and has been since 2011 and will remain so until 2026, and He brings a transcendent vibe to our sense of awareness: we are prompted to explore our connection with a higher realm of being, to release ourselves from the grasping limitations of the material world and experience a oneness with the source. 

Of course, all of this comes with dangers too! The danger of being overwhelmed by emotions and developing a sense of helplessness in the face of the seeming cruelty of the world outside of ourselves. Escapism in all its forms could be a trap for us during this transit: we may feel so overwhelmed that we turn to unproductive habits to dissolve the pain of awareness. 

Knowing this and preparing for an increase in intuition and spiritual awareness is highly recommended: tap into the modalities that inspire your creativity; that relax and still your mind; that bring an uplifting sense of joy. Meditation, yoga, poetry, painting, being in nature, etc. will be of great benefit to our transcendence and expansion during this time (and on into our future).

Make this Jupiter in Pisces transit one in which you tap into your very sense of being, expand your awareness of your reality, and in becoming something more than you currently are, find growth and harmony in your life’s experience!

The question most people ask an astrologer, is where will this exactly happen in my life? In what areas of my life will I be feeling this urge to release from the limitations of the material world and make contact with my higher being?

Well, if you are a Pisces Sun from 00° – 10° you’ll find this an intense but exhilarating period, as Jupiter will be conjunct your Sun bringing optimism and preparing you to begin a new 12 year Jupterian cycle of growth and expansion of your sense of individuality through the expansion of your understanding of reality: the development of wisdom.

See why I wrote initially, that as a 01°Piscean, this would be a great transit for me!!!!

How this pans out for you, can be gleaned if you now your Rising Sign (this is your Ascendant. – the sign on the cusp of the 1st House in your natal chart – find it here if you don’t know it):

♈︎ Aries – 12th House – a time to explore the spiritual dimensions of your life, a time to allow the ego to resign itself to quiet place and relax into an expanded awareness of being connected to something that is more than just yourself.

♉︎ Taurus – 11th House – exploring your future with others, finding and growing with your tribe will be beneficial to your evolving self during this transit.

♊︎ Gemini – 10th House – where do you want to shine? Here your ambition to achieve and leave your mark in world will subject to the introspection that Jupiter in Pisces stimulates. 

♋︎ Cancer – 9th House – Jupiter will enjoy stimulating your desire for inner adventure, the exploration of your spiritual self and the gaining of wisdom that’ll enhance your understanding of your place in the scheme of things.

♌︎ Leo – 8th House – intimacy and resources will be highlighted for you and how you use these factors in your life to achieve power and transformation: merging with others on a deep level may bring about a new better you!

♍︎ Virgo – 7th House – relationships! Empathy and equality may be the Jupiter in Pisces message for you: co-operating with those you are in relationship with (romantic; platonic; business; etc) will be an area for you to expand your awareness of your true self.

♎︎ Libra – 6th House – giving of your self: your work and wellbeing will be the focus here – seeking meaning to life through contributing to the happiness and wellbeing of others, will be an area that you will find Jupiter energising your faith in your own self-worth through harmonising with others.

♏︎ Scorpio – 5th House – self-expression of your uniqueness is an area that you’ll feel the urge to expand your creative being during this transit. What do you create? Children? Art? Love? These will be the focus of this transit and through creating new connections with others your drive to shine will be fulfilled!

♐︎ Sagittarius – 4th House – Jupiter will be focusing on your roots and the foundational you. Sounds ominous, but this is the area of life where you seek nurturing, such as your your home life – where you feel emotionally secure and ready to extend yourself into the world strengthened and ready to take on the challenges that come with expanding our awareness of reality!

♑︎ Capricorn – 3rd House – this will be all about communicating with others and gaining a clearer perception of what is important for you to grow into your authentic self. Learning will be of value in expanding your awareness of who you are and the potential to becomes something much more! Learning astrology may be helpful here!

♒︎ Aquarius – 2nd House – values and self-esteem will be an area for growth and understanding with Jupiter in pisces. Here you will dig deep into the resources that offer you the greatest opportunity to develop your sense of worth as a unique being. Given that we are talking about Jupiter in Pisces being in your 2nd House, we are going to focus on spiritual values: the resources that bring a transcendant harmony to your life and aid you to find growth.

♓︎ Pisces – 1st House – your very identity will be given a boast with Jupiter in Pisces. The means by which you explore the world will be expanded and open to new transcendental opportunities! Here you will energised to explore your identity from within so as to express your authentic self to world outside. 

If your natal Sun is between 00° and 04°Pisces, Jupiter will be conjunct and as I discussed above, this a time of great opportunities to build on who you are and to become the better self you know in your heart you can be!


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