Full Moon in Scorpio: reviewing our Shadow.

Photo by Ozge Karabal on Pexels.com

This Full Moon on 19°Scorpio at 1:31pm AEST on the 27th April 2021, will be the first Super Moon of the year.

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is at its perigree: it is at its closet point to the Earth.

This Full Moon brings to fruition the ’seeds’ we planted at the time of the Scorpio New Moon at 23° Scorpio on the 15th November last year.

I wrote a brief post on Facebook at that time, and suggested that the challenges of 2020 were affording us an opportunity to transform and rise anew like the Phoenix.

Take a look back in your journal or diary: what was going on for you in November 2020.

Are there any themes relating to this time still active in your life today?

Have you experienced a rebirth like the Phoenix?

In astrology, we see the New Moon as a time to start a new direction in life, to reorientate, and to ‘plant the seeds’ for renewal. You may not have a specific goal in mind, but you ‘know’ you must change. 

The time of the Full Moon is the time that the results of those ’seeds’ come into the light, and we can start to reap what we have sown. The Full Moon illuminates our growth and under this light, we get to review our progress and decide to continue along the path we started or modify it to reflect our current needs.

Being a Super Moon, this Full Moon will be amplified and it’s illumination will intensely reveal the hidden aspects of our live’s and uncovering secrets that need to be acknowledged and integrated to make us whole.

Scorpio Moon’s have us face our inner fears and intensely explore the depths of our emotional being. All with the goal of honest connection with our authentic being. 

So, here we have a time of reviewing our inner most being and especially our shadow side.

The thoughts and behaviours we do not like, our judgements, our biases, our jealousies, our darkest thoughts: all will be brought to our attention for review so we can really ‘know’ ourselves – ‘warts and all’!

And talking of introspection of the deepest nature, Scorpio’s Ruler, Pluto turns retrograde a few hours after this Full Moon on Wednesday 28th April at 26°Capricorn around 6pm (AEST).

Pluto retrogrades back through Capricorn until He reaches 24° on the 7th October and goes direct again.

This is an important point to remember: Pluto is revisiting old ground back to 4th January this year. He will then take a third ‘look’ at these same degrees from 7th October.

Here then, we have Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (Hades in Greek mythology) reviewing our lives!

Pluto is stimulating us to review our transformation so far this year, and how He does that is to bring the unconscious to the surface. Like I have written about the Full Moon occurring the day before this event, we will be urged, perhaps ‘forced’ to take a look at our ‘dark side’ and seek to let go of old ways of behaving and thinking so as to gain rebirth and resurrection like the mythological Phoenix!

Pluto helps us uncover our destiny: I would recommend we use this opportunity wisely!

You’ll especially feel Pluto’s power if you have planets or points at 24-26° of:

Capricorn (conjunction – when conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and their energies remain unique to their own essence but are directed together);

Pisces or Scorpio (sextile – this aspect provides support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities to grow);

Libra or Aries (square – these will be tense energies creating a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth);

Virgo or Taurus (trine – harmony and flow will be found here, but if not worked with, the energies will lack the vitality there can bring);

Cancer (opposition – here, there will be the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies).

Not only is the Moon in opposition to the Sun (being a Full Moon), but it is facing a stellium of determined planets in Taurus. Their influence will ‘flavour’ how we experience the Full Moon.

Uranus opposing the Moon could bring unexpected and sudden events that challenge our emotional stability, but which seeks to help us reform ourselves and find our authenticity.

Questions of self-worth and value may come up with the Venus opposition, suggesting we seek emotional balance in addressing the deep inner issues that we are likely to be facing during this Full Moon.

Astrology can help pinpoint where you are likely to experience these cosmic energies in your life on Earth.

If you know your Rising Sign (your Ascendant – find it here), the Full Moon will illuminate these areas of your life:

Aries – 8th House: this House has Scorpio as its natural ruler, so expect intensity relative to your instincts and needs. Here, the Full Moon will activate your transformation through deepening relationships, merging with others through the exchange of power, exploring reality to its full. 

Taurus – 7th House: the Full Moon shines on relationships, allowing you to express your feelings to your partners (romantic or other) in an open and honest manner that secures commitment and growth. 

Gemini – 6th House: your workplace may be an area that the Full Moon activates as needing a review? Likewise, other areas of routine such as health and habits may be of concern relative to you feeling fulfilled in life. Bringing a sense of structure and organisation to these areas of life will be of benefit under this Moon’s gaze.

Cancer – 5th House: Fun, love and romance and everything that reflects your creative nature is the area of life that the Full Moon activates for the Cancer Ascendant. Creating connections with others will boast your sense of self-worth and see you ’shine’ in other peoples eyes!

Leo – 4th House: This being a Scorpio Full Moon, the inner self and your emotional needs will be under the microscope for analysis, review and transformation. Being grounded and finding security in your emotional being will aid in this introspective period. The home life will serve as a beacon of refuge and also the source for growth.

Virgo – 3rd House: having a Mercurial influence to this House, the Full Moon’s influence will have an urgent and pressing sense to it.  You’ll be feeling the need to communicate and gather information in order to address your emotional wellbeing. Maybe a good time to start a journal about these matters?

Libra – 2nd House: the House of self-worth will undergo the Moon’s gaze and questions such as self-value and esteem may come up for transformative review. Is material value placed higher in your world than the value of your humanity?

Scorpio – 1st House: the Full Moon activates your urge to be, your drive to explore the world and express your uniqueness. Concepts such as self-awareness and self-development are the kind of matters you may be drawn to explore.

Sagittarius – 12th House: transcending the self, putting the ego in its place and becoming one with the whole is feel of the Full Moon in this house. This then is a time to explore the spiritual dimensions of your life, a time to allow the ego to resign itself to a quiet place and relax into an expanded awareness of being connected to something that is more than just yourself.

Capricorn – 11th House: Freedom as an individual is the Full Moon’s focus in the 11th House, but this uniqueness of self needs to be found and grown through journeying with like-minded others. Is there a cause that calls to you? Maybe its time to find your tribe?

Aquarius – 10th House: the House of Destiny! Career, ambition and personal achievement are central themes of this house, and with the Full Moon here, maybe its time to review and evaluate your goals in life. Does your ambition in life balance the material world with your inner emotional needs?

Pisces – 9th House: The Full Moon has us focus on life’s meaning and purpose in this house. Optimism and adventure in the search of emotional wellbeing will be an inner drive at this time. Questioning whether you are on the right path may come up and require some contemplation during the Moon’s gaze here.


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