New Moon in Taurus – Down to Earth with Karma and Communication!

New Moon Wednesday 12th May 4:59am (AEST)

The New Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus (She also rules Libra).

In the chart for this New Moon we find Venus in the sign of Gemini, which for Venus is a rather neutral placement (in astrology, this placement is called ‘peregrine’).

In Gemini we also find Mercury, and Mercury rules Gemini. As such, Mercury is in a position of Dignity and His full expression is manifest.

With Mercury so placed, we can say that Mercury is the Planetary Ruler of this New Moon.

As such, all things Mercurial will influence the Taurus New Moon.

In astrology, Mercury represents our conscious mind, information, thoughts and communication. In His Domicile (the Sign He rules) of Gemini, Mercury is inquisitive, adaptable and sociable.

So, we have the versatility of expression, the need to communicate clearly and form connections with others in our understanding of what it is we wish to learn and share.

The New Moon in Taurus suggests that this subject material will relate to that which we value, and that which provides us with stability and security. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign: like the Bull, he is grounded, practical, determined and seeks contentment. He can also be stubborn and difficult to move! These are there traits that weave their way through the Taurus energies we experience during the New Moon.

So, with the Mercurial influence upon Taurus, we need to communicate and perceive information that makes us feel safe, stable, contented and peaceful.

A highlight for this New Moon is the conjunction between Mercury (its Planetary Ruler) and the North Node of the Moon (and consequently, in opposition to the South Node of the Moon).

The Nodes of the Moon are astrological (and astronomical) points where the orbiting Moon intersects the northern and southern  plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun (known as the ecliptic).

By exploring our North and South Nodes we can uncover karmic lessons for this lifetime.

The North represents where we need to head in life: it is often difficult and not something we readily enjoy or seek, but know in our hearts to be the ‘right’ path to travel.

The South Node represents what is easy for us and where we retreat to the familiar and habitual areas of our life: here we feel safe, but stagnant and knowing that we are not getting anywhere in life.

To use more spiritual terminology, the South Node shows us our karma – what we need to address, and the North Node, our dharma – what we need to strive for to live a fulfilling life.

Where the Nodes are in your own birth chart can be quite revealing and by analysing them you can gain great insight into your journey through life: providing you with clear guidance as to how to find balance, harmony and success  in this lifetime!

I have written about the karmic influence of the Moon’s Nodes here

At that time on the 14th December, 2020, the New Moon in Sagittarius at 23°Sagittarius was conjunct the South Node and formed an opposition to the North Node.

A theme of that New Moon in Sagittarius was that we needed to take time out to reappraise how we seek information and analyse it for practical value. 

This New Moon, with Mercury conjoined the the North Node in Gemini conveys a message to us  that we will find great value, security and harmony when we communicate using clear, basic, simple, unbiased data.

Forget the grand theories and focus on what you perceive: the nuts and bolts that mean something and 

This New Moon is a cosmic reminder that we can get confused by complex theoretical information and will, at this point in time, benefit greatly from, clear language.

For example, everything I wrote above could be summed up in three words:

keep it simple!

Astrology can help pinpoint where you are likely to experience the New Moon energies in your life on Earth.

If you know your Rising Sign (your Ascendant – find it here), the New Moon will illuminate these areas of your life:

Aries –  2nd House: This is your Taurean  House, where you seek security and stability as the foundation to your being. In practical terms this could relate to money, food and possessions. Psychologically the 2nd House relates to self-esteem and self-worth. So here with the New Moon in Taurus you will no doubt be feeling the need to ground yourself and become more secure and confident in matters of emotional value and security, which of course will be tied into the pragmatic need for financial security. The New Moon energises the drive to increase your sense of self-worth.

Taurus –  1st House: The House of Identity brings emotions to the surface and with the Mercurial element at play with this New Moon, expressing your feelings may be paramount. On a deeper level, the New Moon may trigger an emotional sensitivity that may make us easily upset, perhaps by taking things to personally? Here, our sense of self-value is is tied in with our identity and maybe we need to reflect on how we can balance the two so as to bring emotional harmony to our life? Communicate with yourself, meditate and reflect on bringing balance to supporting your emotional self when asserting your urge to be YOU in the world outside of the self! The New Moon encourages you to find a new you.

Gemini – 12th House: With Mercury in Domicile (see above) in Gemini, you will find communication and perception to be supercharged with this New Moon, which is handy here in the House of Hidden Things! This House represents our unconscious mind, our empathy for others and our capacity to transcend the mundane! Here then, being open and honest, and expecting that in return, will be a focus of this time. Being genuine and avoiding secrecy in dealing with others will bring harmony and stability to our emotional nature with this placement.

Cancer –  11th House: Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this is an auspicious placement for a New Moon to energise your instinctual and nurturing self within the House of Friendship and Tribe! Establishing allegiances of like-minded souls, communicating with friends and building a harmonious foundation to explore inspiring goals together are indicated with this New Moon. Finding emotional stability and real-world security by uniting with others with a common goal will bring you the stability needed here.

Leo –  10th House: Career and ambition in the world are the focus here – one could even suggest, destiny! With the Taurus New Moon we could suggest a change in life path is under consideration: where do you wish to shine? Being determined to review your career and communicate your dream to become that which you have dreamed of becoming is a focus here. Does my career bring me security, value and worth? You may also find your mother represented by this placement – interesting!?

Virgo –  9th House: The House of Travel – literally and metaphorically! Expansion of the mind, the gaining of faith and the development of wisdom are the areas of life that the New Moon may stimulate with this placement. All with a view to improving your sense of self-worth, confidence and the security gained by faith in what it is that nourishes you wellbeing. Caution though – recall above that this is a time when we need to focus on the simple matters and use clear concrete language – avoid getting emotionally getting caught up in complex philosophical theories of life at this point in time!

Libra – 8th House: Here the deep focus will be on instincts and needs relating to shared resources, intimacy and power!  This House is the realm sex, death and taxes!!! The things that have power over you and control how you live your life: that which we often see as ‘taboo’. So, with the New Moon we have the opportunity to look afresh at how we use our power and others control us, all with a goal to establishing an emotional security that helps us live our lives to the full in fairness and empathy. We need to breathe, and go within to explore the emotional depths that hold us back!

Scorpio – 7th House: Balance, co-operation and compromise within the realm of relationships is the area of this House. The New Moon is energising the chemistry you have with others, and will be prompting some form of transformations to make these relationships work better for you. This is serious stuff – not casual relationships, but meaningful contact with others that bonds you with them.  By finding harmony in being with someone else, you will become something more than the sum of two – a new you, secure and stable in your relationship.

Sagittarius – 6th House: The House of Routine, work and wellbeing represents those areas of life where you give of yourself to others: the feeling of being useful and of value!  Being a Taurean New Moon the focus here will be on stability, security and wellbeing – so maybe this is a time to review your health and fitness; what habits could do with a revamp or removal; do you need to become more organised to feel more whole? 

Capricorn –  5th House: Creativity and fun – yay! The New Moon highlights your need to express your uniqueness and leave a tangible mark on the world. Being creative is not just about art, it is about your capacity to produce something that reflects your life force and sense of vitality. So, here we could find he spotlight on our children and how their needs influence our instinctual being and help us find the emotional security that brings harmony to our urge to live live to the full. Oh, this House is also about romance too, so maybe forging ahead, expressing your unique self will do wonders in this department of life!

Aquarius –  4th House: Here the New Moon is energising the roots of our being: where we seek nurturing and where we nurture others – our foundation and space we call ‘home’. Of all the Houses, this one resonates with the need for emotional security. In the spirit of keeping things simple with this New Moon, perhaps here we could focus on our intuition and use our heart rather than our mind to guide us to review and establish new ways of finding security in our home? Maybe, this is a literal time to renovate your house or metaphysically, renovate the vehicle that houses the spark of universal consciousness and revealing the authentic self? This is also the House of our Father and our aspirations in life (projected into the world in the area of the 10th House).

Pisces – 3rd House: This New Moon, ruled by Mercury, has communication at its core: communicating and perceiving the world in simple terms that echoes the value of being alive. Feeding the mind will feed the soul and bring emotional stability and growth during this New Moon. Communicating openly and honestly with your friends and family may be beneficial in gaining a fresh understanding of yourself and others: all with a goal of finding self-worth, value and harmony through these interactions. Practical study such as yoga rather than deep philosophical learning is indicted here although, the paradox is that one leads to the other! 


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