Mars square Chiron: Removing Fear and Finding Direction!

Occurring later in the day of the New Moon in Taurus, we find Chiron at 11°Aries forming a square with Mars at 11°Cancer.

Chiron is the ‘wounded-healer’ and in astrology He represents where we are wounded in life: physically, psychologically and spiritually. The sign and House you find Chiron in your natal (birth) chart is a good indicator as to how and where in life you’ll experience them – although, you’re already living with them! What this placement can reveal, is the means to healing yourself, the sign and House and any aspects made to Chiron in your chart will help you discover the best path to take in this lifetime to heal yourself. The key to this healing process is that it through healing others you will will heal yourself.

This specific transit (Mars square Chiron) is occurring for all us regardless of our natal placements of both Chiron and Mars – this is a cultural and societal issue, a wounding that reflects humanity and reveals how we can heal ourselves as a collective.

Being in Aries our wounding and healing will be found relative to our identity, our concept of who we are and where we are going in this incarnation.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a Cardinal Fire sign: Aries is the urge to BE; to create; to initiate.

Aries is our identity in action – we adventure from this starting point in the zodiac and explore our Being in the World through Aries’ energy.

To be ‘wounded’ in Aries is to be ‘wounded’ in our capacity to BE: we are unable to fully expresses the drive of Aries to Become our Authentic Self.

Such a ‘wound’ may be felt as fear, for Aries is normally ‘fearless’, we may feel dependent, as Aries is ‘independent’, we may feel ‘lost’, as Aries usually confidently adventuring into life!

Are ‘we’ as a collective of humanity ‘lost’ and restricted by ‘fear’?

Mars is the Ruler of Aries, but finds Himself in Cancer, a sign of His detriment. As such, He is not happy and his energies are erratic and not well focused on the outside world as He would like.

In Cancer, Mars is contained within a ’shell’, He is protective of His family and ready to take action to protect what is important to them.

By squaring Chiron,  Mars is forming a 90° angle that brings tension and friction that requires action to resolve.

How do we resolve the wounding of our identity?

How do we assert ourselves as a society?

How do we conquer our collective fears?

By resolving the friction of the square, we create something new, and with both Aries and Cancer being Cardinal signs, we are energised to take action and find our identity a new.  

We will find the confidence and drive to heal our collective wounding by healing our society once we see ourselves as a family: a unity of purpose that heals humanity and nurture our capacity to BE.

Healing ourselves as humanity may be driven by planetary energies such as this Mars square Chiron that calls us to transcend the self, find optimism within the collective, develop a sense of integration with the whole and enhance our life purpose!

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