Solar Eclipse in Gemini: thinking with the heart.

June 10th 2021 8:52pm AEST 

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on

New Moons signify a time for new beginnings, a time to prepare for the future and set things on the path to growth.

The Sun is our sense of individuality, our urge to create and Be: to shine!

The Moon is our instinctual self, our emotional being, and urge to nurture (and be nurtured).

When combined at the New Moon, they seek to balance the inner and outer needs of our self: uniting heart and mind in harmony.

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, as the Sun will be eclipsed by the Moon for a brief period of time (we wont see this in Australia).

This brief moment in time is like the flick of a switch: something is stopped and then started again; a reset; a reboot.

Something is ‘blacked out’ and then revealed.

With the ‘light’ of the Sun ‘switched off’, we can see our ego and conscious self being ‘eclipsed’ by our inner self: revealing the inner, emotional, soul truth.

Occurring in Gemini, the sign of the mind, this eclipse can be seen as revealing matters of thought, fact and truth.

Gemini’s planetary Ruler, Mercury is conjunct this eclipse and in retrograde, making His presence of great significance. We are getting an opportunity to review and restart. Communication, perception and information will be under the spotlight and reviewed for the value it adds to our emotional wellbeing.

Being close to the North Node of the Moon introduces an element of karma into the mix, and with the Nodal Axis being between Sagittarius and Gemini, this Eclipse will help us see reality a little more clearly.

That is, if the square to Neptune does not cloud and confuse our thinking! Try and remain grounded: what Gemini seeks is practical information that makes sense – simply! There is no need at this time for the philosophical and complex knowledge that Sagittarius may have us seek (read more here about the Gemini/Sagittarius intellectual battle to uncover the truth!).

This is a powerful Solar Eclipse, perfect for our current situation. 

The astrology of now suggests that during times of doubt and confusion, look within yourself to the heart space and there you’ll discover a truth that sets you free of worry and on the path of harmony.

So, where will this Solar Eclipse be energetically influencing your life and revealing areas for change and growth?

Check which House the New Moon is transiting in your natal chart.

For example, above we have Marilyn Monroe’s natal chart, who if she were still in her physical body with us today, would be experiencing the Solar Eclipse  energies in her 11th House. This is the area of life in which she seeks meaning and growth through friendships and community. Maybe at this time she would be finding an emotional need to gain a clear understanding of her individuality whilst identifying with her ‘tribe’ of like-minded people. 

Also, if you what to go deeper, check out the aspects that the Solar Eclipse at 19° Gemini makes to any planets you have between 17 – 21° degrees, such as:

  • Squares in Pisces or Virgo (these will be tense energies creating a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth);
  • Oppositions in Sagittarius (here, there will be the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies). 
  • Trines in Aquarius or Libra (harmony and flow will be found here, but if not worked with, the energies will lack the vitality there can bring);
  • Sextiles in Leo or Aries (sextiles provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities to grow).  
  • Conjunctions in Gemini.  When conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and their energies remain unique to their own essence but are directed together.

Which ever House the Planet is in will determine where you will be experiencing the impact of this Solar Eclipse in your daily life.

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