Happy Birthday Virgo’s!

The sign of Virgo has been called the Hidden Fire of Earth* as Virgo symbolises the concept of purification – hence the link with the Virgin.

Virgo is a Goddess energy: she embodies Isis, Mary, Artemis, Brigid, Vesta, and many more!

She inspires us to refine and purify the matter of our lives, physical and spiritual, so as to become our True Self – our Authentic Self.

Virgo does this with the aid of her ruling planet, Mercury who extols us to engage our conscious awareness of the world so as become competent and responsible: the Virgo goal!

Image: Johfra Bosscharthttps://www.johfra.nl/en/biographie/

Those of you Sun sign Virgo’s will know perfection is around the corner, but for now it might be best to accept yourself as you are, shut off the self-criticism and avoid self-sacrificing yourself to the needs of those around you!

Love yourself and the Hidden Fire of Earth will warm your soul and nurture those lucky enough to be with you!

If its not your birthday during the time of Virgo, where Virgo sits in your birth chart will provide an indication as to how you can utilise this powerful energy to propel your growth and happiness.

Image (Public Domain): https://iconographic.warburg.sas.ac.uk/vpc/VPC_search/record.php?record=60137

If you would like to explore Virgo and much more, I can draw up your natal (birth) chart and provide an in-depth outline of everything that makes you you and how to use this information to live your best life.

Take a look at my home page, and feel free to contact me if you’d like to explore your birth chart or help interpreting the cosmic forecast for a successful future.

Would you life to learn Astrology so you can uncover your life potential, overcome barriers and live a successful life?

My on-line course: Using astrology to live life to the full starts again soon.

Using your own birth chart, this course will teach you the astrological knowledge and tools to work with the planets here on Earth and use them to your Soul’s advantage!

Course starts again on Wednesday 1 September 2021 @ 7pm via Zoom.

Follow the link for more info…..


*to paraphrase Patricia Crowther – Wiccan High Priestess.

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