Take control of your life and gain success through the insights of astrology!

Are you ready to reveal the potential life has to offer through the reading of your birth chart?

Your birth chart is the horoscope of the moment you are born.

A reading of your birth chart can help you better manage and find success in your career, relationships, finances, children, love and health*.

Once you have your birth chart, you can better prepare for the ‘cosmic weather’ as the planets transit and you grow in age and deal with life events.

I can provide you with a predictive year ahead forecast that looks at the current and upcoming planetary movements that will influence your life: being forewarned is forearmed

Having both qualifications as an astrologer and psychologist, I am well placed to assist you uncover and better manage your strengths and talents, as well as the blockages that prevent you from succeeding in life.

To book a consultation please contact me here.


“Thank you very much for all you wisdom and contributions towards living my highest self.” DR

“Thanks for doing what you’re doing!” MM

“I am still blown away with our conversation, have listened to a few times, so much appreciation for what you do.” LB

*Astrological information is provided as a guide only, and does not replace specific medical, financial or other similar professionals advice.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

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