Reflections upon Truth

Full Moon on September 21st at 9:54am (AEST) occurring at 28° Pisces.

This Full Moon occurs when the transiting Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces are in exact opposition: 180° opposing each other across the Zodiac.

Magicakally, we see Full Moons as relating to endings and culminations, as the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun and will soon begin to wane and in mythical terms, return to the Source so as to find substance in order to seek reemergence anew at the time of the New Moon.

Here we stand at a critical point in time (as we do each lunar cycle) – here we find the fulfilment of the promise of the New Moon of 14° Virgo on the 7th September.

Everything is now made manifest for us to bring to fruition and share with the World during the waning period.

The emotional energy aroused by the Full Moon is Pisces is enhanced by the loose conjunction between the Moon at 28°Pisces and Neptune at 21°Pisces.

Neptune is co-ruler (along with Jupiter) of Pisces, so being in His Domicile will strengthen the Neptunian energy we experience. Being in retrograde suggests what Neptune was keeping hidden from us is now visible – that which we considered illusionary is now considered ‘real’.

Neptune in retrograde helps us to face our reality.

Neptune only makes things seem illusionary, hallucinatory, or deceptive, when we are not fully in-tune with Neptune.

Neptune in Pisces is prompting us as a collective humanity to detach ourselves from the limitations of our individuality and transcend the restrictions of the individual ego to become one with the Whole – freedom through unification is Neptune’s goal.

Neptune has been prompting us all to connect with the collective Whole through the removal of fear and the expression of our spiritual, inspirational and intuitive Being. This has been occurring since Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 and will continue until 2025. Starting on 29 December Jupiter will join Neptune in Pisces and we can look to around 6 months of expanded connectivity with, and faith in, our spiritual life through the unity of the Piscean Rulers.

Image: Johfra Bosschart

So, with Neptune conjunct the Full Moon, we can review the fulfillment of our past actions in a more spiritual, compassionate, and empathic manner – to consider how these actions can lead us individuals to a more unified collective of souls?

Luckily, we have assistance from one such leader in the form of Mars!

Here I do not see Mars so much the ‘God of War’, but the ‘God of Will’ – “do what thou Will shall be the whole of Law” – suggesting that our Will or urge to Be is the paramount goal of Being – an urge to Become Authentic and Whole.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is at 03°Libra, and Mars is not too comfortable in Libra – He is not is usual self!

Mars is in His detriment when in Libra. This suggests that He is not happy and cannot fully express His core nature.

In Libra, the sign of compromise, co-operation and harmony, Mars’ drive for action and to win, is shifted from an individual goal to that of the collective – together we can win!

Libra wants everyone to be happy – Mars wants to win: so here, working with others will achieve His aim.

And His aim here is to stimulate our karmic unfolding through His forming an easy opposition with the Nodes of the Moon.

An easy opposition occurs here when Mars forms a trine to the North node of the Moon and a sextile to the South, whilst of course the Nodes are in opposition to each other. Sextiles provide support and trines allow for things to flow unimpeded. Mars therefore, eases and assists us find the compromise required by an opposition.

So, what can Mars in Libra do for us here with the Nodes of the Moon?

I wrote of the Nodes here, and for this post we can simplify their meaning, and with the North Node in Gemini, this is exactly what we need to do! 

As Jan Spiller conceives in her book, ‘Astrology for the Soul’, the North Node can be seen as those “attributes [we need] to develop” to fulfil our goal in becoming the Authentic Self in this lifetime. The South Node then are the “tendencies to leave behind”.

The North Node is often seen as our karmic goal in this incarnation. I actually feel that the whole natal chart as reflecting our karma and Steven Forrest in his book ‘Yesterday’s Sky’ tells us that “everything in the chart is karmic and the Nodes of the Moon are the karmic doorway into the heart of the issue”.

The North Node of the Moon is in Gemini, and the South is in Sagittarius. Here then we have a dichotomy between two signs principally concerned with the acquisition and understanding of information.

Gemini is concerned with information that is central to our concept of self: who am I, and why am I? 

Sagittarius is also concerned with information that expands our concept of self: belief systems and faith.

Whilst neither Gemini or Sagittarius is ‘right or wrong’, the Nodal Axis suggests that at this point in our collective evolution, we need to focus upon the Gemini way of understanding the world and for the time being, resist the urge to codify everything in grand Sagittarian theories.

For now, the practical and intuitive information is what is needed and Mars helps us uncover it during the period of the Full Moon: 

compassion and empathy for the collective unified humanity, come together as One to get things done by expressing our own truths as being but one truth amongst the whole!

I hope this Full Moon helps illuminate your Truth.

Take a look at my home page, and feel free to contact me if you’d like to explore your natal chart or help interpreting the cosmic forecast for a successful future.

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