Mercury Retrograde: The Trickster God Revealed?

In astrology, Mercury is seen as the function of communication, perception and the rational mind.

To gain a deeper understanding of the role Mercury plays in astrology we can look to His mythology and explore the relevance and meaning of the archetypes this mythology reveals.

One such archetype of Mercury is that of the Trickster God. 

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As the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury was well placed to manipulate the messages he passed between them – maybe conveying his own agenda or just seeking to sow the seeds of disharmony.

When Mercury turns retrograde, He ‘slows’ down and what He has communicated  is open to review and scrutiny (I’ve written more on this subject here).

As I was mulling over this Mercurial archetype, I was notified that Russel Brand’s latest YouTube video was available and low and behold its topic was synchronistic with this  topic, made especially so as it was the day that Mercury turned retrograde!

Russel’s topic shows that information is always attached to an agenda: my writings are attached to my agenda – far less nefarious than the agenda’s that Russel discusses in this video!

The key point for me, is that during this period of Mercury retrograde, we are afford an opportunity to slow down our thoughts and review how we take in information – do we just accept that information coming from a place of authority will not have an agenda contrary to our wellbeing?

Has Mercury the Trickster been at play in the world: is information ‘fake’ as we have been advised?

For me, stilling the mind in a world of chaos is a challenge, but when this happens and the intuitive thoughts of the heart centre flow, then we find true information that is of value to our harmonious existence; our sense of self-worth; and our stability in an unstable world. 

That is my opinion and my agenda!

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