Healing and Harmony across the Rainbow Bridge!

New Moon 13°Libra occurring on Wednesday, 6th October 2021 at 10:05pm AEST

On Wednesday 6th October, here in the Southern Hemisphere at 10:05pm, the Sun will conjunct the Moon at 13°Libra, forming the New Moon.

A conjunction occurs when two planets share the same sign and are within a close distance to each other. When conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and whilst their energies remain unique to their own essence, they directed together.

This New Moon is itself conjunct Mars, inconjunct Uranus at 13°Taurus, and in opposition to Chiron at 10°Aries. This combination of planetary makes this a somewhat feisty New Moon!

Remember too: Mercury is retrograde and also influencing this New Moon! Communication concerns may become more evident and be seen as a stumbling block to the change the New Moon desires.

New Moon’s are about new beginnings, and here in Libra, diplomacy, co-operation and harmony is the agenda. With Libra being ruled by Venus, we have the combination of the two luminaries shining their light on the need for co-operation as She desires all beings to be at peace.

With Mars in Libra, the planetary energy to survive is channelled towards the Venus-principal that seeks harmony gained via relationships. This is somewhat difficult for Mars as He is concerned with winning at all costs and is here being forced to consider others!

Mars is in His detriment when in Libra. This suggests that He is not happy and cannot fully express His core nature.

In Libra, the sign of compromise, co-operation and harmony, Mars’ drive for action and to win, is shifted from an individual goal to that of the collective – together we can win!

Libra wants everyone to be happy – Mars wants to win: working with others will achieve His aim.

This Mars situation will strongly influence us all for nearly 2 years as on the 8th October He is conjunct the Sun at 15°Libra exact and will commence a new synodic cycle. Whilst Mars may become somewhat indecisive during this period, we can personally align ourselves with his drive and focus it to pioneering growth that enhances humanity’s sense of self-worth, esteem and value! Here we can use Mars to ‘fight for our rights’ and gain ‘justice for all’!

With the New Moon being opposite Chiron, a centaur that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus the asteroid and the Kuiper belt, we get a beautiful Libra opportunity to find balance, compromise, and harmony between our luminous core being and our sense of being wounded.

In a recent discussion with my astrologer-friend Joanne, she reminded me of Barbara Hand Clow’s conception of Chiron as being the “rainbow bridge” as it “links the inner planets, which represent personal issues, with the outer planets, which represent transpersonal issues” (Barbara Hand Clow. 2013. Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini. Bear & Company).

Chiron is the bridge between Saturn, the last of the inner planets and Uranus, the first of the outer planets. So, with this New Moon we have the opportunity to start something new that will allow us to find balance between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’.

Chiron, being about health and our sense of wounding, is here, the bridge between our ‘old ways’ of suffering and our ‘new ways’ of healing. 

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 And will remain in this sign until 2026. Here Uranus is revolutionising our concepts of security and stability: this is the opportunity to reveal a radically new way of being. The challenges of these years are definitely pushing us to evolve and find freedom independent from the ‘old ways’ of being – the ‘old ways‘ of suffering!

Saturn in Aquarius can be seen as the ‘old ways’ of being, especially in the ways we think about who we are as the human race, how we communicate and understand our role in our society and culture. Saturn is often seen as stern and authoritarian: could it be that the ‘old’ way of governance requires replacing and a ‘new’ form of collective solidarity ushered in?

The strong inconjunct (more appropriately called a quincunx in astrology) between the New Moon and Uranus is providing us with the opportunity to develop new and unusual relationships that will bring us harmony, stability and safety.

Whilst we could face unexpected challenges, disruptions and revelations around the time of this New Moon due to the aspect to Uranus, we are afforded a great opportunity to work with elements of our life that may appear to be incompatible, but which can be brought together when we ‘evolve’, lift our consciousness and raise our vibrations. This is a topic covered in more depth in Barbara Hand Clow’s book Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini, and also in her seminal work, Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions, with the dimensions being levels of conscious awareness.

Perhaps this New Moon will prompt us to lift our awareness, and to take action that heals both you and I in a harmonious manner that sees humanity raise to new levels of being!

May the New Moon heal you and propel you on your journey to authenticity!

Knowing your natal (birth) chart will help you navigate and utilise these planetary energies to the full. Where you planets or points (i.e., Midheaven; Ascendant/Descendant, etc) between 11° and 15° of the following Zodical Signs will show you how the New Moon energy will be felt.

For example, 

Squares in Cancer or Capricorn will potentially experience tense energies creating a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth!

Oppositions in Aries will create the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies involved.

Trines in Gemini or Aquarius will facilitate a greater sense of harmony and flow, but if not worked with, the energies will lack the vitality there could bring.

Sextiles in Leo or Sagittarius will provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities for growth.

Conjunctions in Libra will share a purpose: they will be unified and their energies directed together.

Quincunxes in Pisces or Taurus will generate a need to seek innovation to resolve any challenges, and in doing so raise your understanding of life and your role in it!

Which House the planet or point is in will determine where you will be experiencing the impact of the New Moon in your daily life.

Take a look at my home page if you’d like to explore this New Moon and your chart through an astrological reading.

Orbit of Chiron Image: user:Reyk, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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