Sowing the seeds of freedom – New Moon 5th November 2021.

In the Southern Hemisphere we have a New Moon at 12° Scorpio on 5th November 2021 at 8:14am (AEDT).

In the early morning of Friday (here in the Southern Hemisphere) the Scorpio New Moon will energise us with the power to transform, regenerate and eliminate the old ways of being!

As with all New Moon’s, this is a great time to plug-into the universal energy and get something underway: a project; a resolution; a goal.

Scorpio is the sign known for its intuitive and penetrative focus – exploring the depths of what it means to be alive. Scorpio is willing to delve into the subject matters we rarely care to know about: the taboo subjects of life and death – especially death and all that holds for us here and now.

Death is for many a great taboo, but for the Scorpio, death is but a form of transition and like the esoteric totem of this Zodiacal Sign, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of the old into a new form, more splendid than that previously.

With this New Moon being opposite to transiting Uranus in 12° Taurus, we are being tasked to re-energise our core being, our creative power-source, and find new, radical and revolutionary ways to balance any restlessness we may experiencing with this New Moon.

Taurus is the sign of security and stability: factors essential for our sense of self-worth, comfort and value. With Uranus in Taurus, there is an urge to transform from the old into new, more evolved concepts of security and stability. 

What makes me feel safe and secure?  How can I feel secure in the current world of seeming instability?

Being in opposition to the New Moon, we may find ourselves (and our very concept of self) being challenged by external events! 

Without being challenged in life we can stagnate, and whilst Taurus is about stability, it is not prepared to allow itself to wallow: the Bull wants to endure through life with a determination that brings peace. 

Uranus will challenge this concept, and in doing so will pave the way for our sense of freedom to be renewed through facing and transforming the fear that undermines our sense of security these days.

Here, the New Moon energy is set to get something going that empowers us, and in Scorpio fashion, transforms us like the Phoenix!

Can we make this sense of fear a thing of the past and find renewal in confidence, surety, and above all, gain a sense of love and peace!

Check you natal chart to get an idea of the influence of these cosmic aspects.

At 12° Scorpio, the New Moon will form a conjunction with any planets or points (such as your Midheaven) between 10° to 14° Scorpio. The energy of these planets will fuse with the New Moon and create a ’super planet’ that will be expressed in the House it falls in (remember that the House equates to an area of life).

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 10° to 14° Taurus (where transiting Uranus will form a conjunction with these natal planets), the New Moon will be in opposition, creating the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies involved.

Planets or points (such as the Nodes of the Moon) at 10° to 14° of Virgo or Capricorn will be in sextile to the New Moon, and will provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities for growth.

At 10° to 14° of Cancer or Pisces, any natal planets or points will form a trine with the New Moon, facilitating a greater sense of harmony and flow, but if not worked with, these energies will lack the vitality they could bring.

If you have any planets or points between 10° to 14° of Leo or Aquarius, the New Moon will form a square aspect and will potentially bring tense energies that will create a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth!

I hope the New Moon illumines your life and that you are able to sow the seeds of authenticity, independence and freedom!

Take a look at my home page if you’d like to explore astrology and find out how you can use it to propel your success in this lifetime!

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