Revealing our values: Full Moon in 27°Taurus.

On Friday 19th November, 2021 at 7:57pm (AEDT) we will experience the Full Moon in 27°Taurus and very shortly thereafter, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

With the Full Moon occurring in Taurus, the focus is on earthly matters: literally, our environment – the planet Earth and the stability and security we gain from partnering with the Earth.

In Taurus, we find concepts such as value and worth being applied to our resources and our selves: do we value the Earth sufficiently to work symbiotically rather the parasitically with Her resources – the resources we need for survival?

Is our self-esteem inflated or under-developed for our needs and our harmonious relationship with the planet Earth?

Do we have a false sense of security in our relationship with the planet Earth?

The Full Moon in Taurus raises these questions and many more. Being in trine to Pluto provides a flowing transformative energy that will see us penetrate the superficial and reveal the ‘reality’ that this lunation reveals!

Psychologically, the questions become internalised and we are tasked with reviewing our self-esteem, self-worth and value. 

Do we value ourselves sufficiently to find worth in our being?

A Full Moon affords us a time to review such questions and consider whether we are living according to our true values. The Full Moon provides a time to invest in ourselves and apply our true values to living a stronger, healthier, more stable and secure – Taurian – lifestyle.

Does the Scorpio Sun force the Taurian Moon to take some action to guarantee our security and secure our emotional/material value?

With Jupiter in Aquarius forming a a fixed t-square to this Full Moon, we can see any tension experienced being channeled into an expansive, optimistic and truthful manner – making us wise of the underlying issues of this lunation.

The Lunar Eclipse at the time of this Full Moon may further aid in revealing those areas of our lives that need more support: What can I do to feel more secure in the world today? Can I contribute to securing the Earth’s resources? 

Here then, will be an opportunity to consider what we need to do build our confidence, find value in our being and develop a partnership with the Earth’s resources that assures us of our mutual stability and future security.

Image: Partial Lunar

In terms of the Lunar Eclipse, we will be experiencing a partial lunar eclipse. I use for all my astronomical timing and time zone information, and they have a great visualisation of this partial lunar eclipse as we will see it from 42° South in Hobart, Tasmania (the link will allow you to set it for your location).

Astronomically, this partial lunar eclipse will occur when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Full Moon.

Astrologically, eclipses are seen to bring some pretty dramatic events into manifestation or reveal some hidden knowledge, or something is reset: think of when the power suddenly and unexpectedly goes out; a fuse is tripped; the router reset!

What will experience at the time of this outage/surge? 

Eclipses in Earth signs such as Taurus have been correlated with severe weather events, earth quakes, and the such. With Taurus being a sign that reflects our values and material security, upsets to finances and monetary systems have also been experienced.

Will something be revealed about our worldly resources; or financial security; or climate stability?

This will be our last lunar eclipse for 2021 and the first of a new 2 year eclipse cycle in the Taurus – Scorpio axis.

Here we will experience a pull between determined wills as both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs: the Will for resources – internal and external; personal and worldly.

This will see a need for us to find the middle ground between what I consider ‘my’ resources and ‘your’ resources: maybe we can come to an understanding that we ’share’ these resources and show gratitude to the provider – Gaia!

Recently, I was interested to hear of one of Earth’s entrepreneurs discuss his desire to use the resources of the Moon, Mars and the asteroids to sustain his vision of future humanity.

The interesting thing about his talk, was that it was part of a symposium entitled ‘Our Future in Space’ held last week on 10th November in Washington, and another speaker, the head of America’s intelligence agencies suggested that recent UFO investigations revealed an “extraterrestrial” origin!

Here is a link to a recording of the symposium

Without getting off-topic and going down the UFO rabbit-hole, this highlights the sense of urgency in applying the Taurus-Scorpio energy to the question of our guardianship of Earth’s resources.

Rather than “strip mining” Gaia and then seeking additional resources off-planet as suggested by this entrepeuner (YouTube timestamp: 1:07:30), maybe we care for our resources and value our existence on the planet Earth?

Who ‘owns’ these resources: here on Earth and in the Universe around us?

An excellent essay asks that question here, and suggests our  “attitudes to space that focus on power and profit appear worryingly similar to the mindset of European and American colonial powers.”

Maybe, the “extraterrestrial” will not be too keen to see us “strip-mine” one planet and then move onto others in a parasitic fashion?

Before typing this blog post today, I meditated and when I was finished, I reached for a book I keep nearby and randomly opened a page to read.

This book, originally published in 1945, is Aldous Huxley’s ‘Perennial Philosophy’, which has been a constant source of spiritual clarity for me over the last 30 years, and today I read the following:

“The doctrine that God is in the world has an important practical corollary – the sacredness of Nature, and the sinfulness and folly of man’s overweening efforts to be her master rather than her intelligently docile collaborator… not brutally oppressed to serve our human ends.”

Aldous goes on to quote a Taoist parable which he interprets as reflecting “the living images of those busy persons who thought they would improve on Nature by turning dry prairies into wheat fields, and produced deserts; who proudly proclaimed the Conquest of the Air, and then discovered that they had defeated civilization ; who chopped down vast forests to provide the newsprint demanded by that universal literacy which was to make the world safe for intelligence and democracy, and got wholesale erosion, pulp magazines and the organs of Fascist, Communist, capitalist and nationalist propaganda.”

The ‘good-guy’ in this Taoist parable, “has no desire to bully Nature into subserving ill-considered temporal ends… his wish is to work with Nature, so as to produce material and social conditions in which individuals may realize Tao on every level from the physiological up to the spiritual.”

Aldous reports that historically, “The Greeks believed that hubris was always followed by nemesis, that if you went too far you would get a knock on the head to remind you that the gods will not tolerate insolence on the part of mortal men.”

“To have too much power over one’s fellows, to be too rich, too violent, too ambitious all this invites punishment, and in the long run, we notice, punishment of one sort or another duly comes.”

Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy (Modern Classic Editions, 2009) Pp76 – 78

How synchronistic that I should randomly select that passage!

And whilst I put the finishing touches to this post, I’m listening to Hawkwind’s song “Uncle Sam’s on Mars”  – some synchronistically poignant lyrics indeed!

Image: NASA – America’s Future Destinations –

“Shoals of dead fish float on the lakes
But Uncle Sam’s on Mars
And science is making the same mistakes
But Uncle Sam’s on Mars
And no one down here knows how to work the brakes
But Uncle Sam’s on Mars

Uncle Sam’s on Mars, Uncle Sam’s on Mars
Uncle Sam’s on Mars, he’s on Mars

Layers of smoke in the atmosphere
Have made the earth too hot to bear
The Earth might be a desert soon
America has left the Moon

Uncle Sam’s on Mars, Uncle Sam’s on Mars
Uncle Sam’s on Mars, he’s on Mars

He’s on Mars

He’s digging for dreams in the red sand
He’s got his bucket and spade in his left hand
He’s digging for dreams

(Hawkwind, “Uncle Sam’s on Mars” 1976, by Robert Calvert, Dave Brock, Simon House, Simon King)

I hope the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse provides you with the emotional clarity to find value, worth and security in your inner resources of confidence, faith and will, so you can apply these to sustaining a symbiotic relationship with our planet Earth and the Universe around us.

Check your natal chart to get an idea of the influence of these cosmic aspects.

At 27° Taurus, the Full Moon will form a conjunction with any planets or points (such as your Midheaven) between 25° to 29° Taurus. The energy of these planets will fuse with the FullMoon and create a ’super planet’ that will be expressed in the House it falls in (remember that the House equates to an area of life).

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 25° to 29° Scorpio, the Full Moon will be in opposition, creating the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies involved.

Planets or points (such as the Nodes of the Moon) at 25° to 29° of Pisces or Cancer will be in sextile to the Full Moon, and will provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities for growth.

At 25° to 29° of Virgo or Capricorn, any natal planets or points will form a trine with the Full Moon, facilitating a greater sense of harmony and flow, but if not worked with, these energies will lack the vitality there could bring.

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 25° to 29° of Leo or Aquarius, the Full Moon will form a square aspect and will potentially bring tense energies that will create a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth!

Are you interested in predictive astrology? 

When the Sun reaches 03°Aquarius on the 22nd January 2022 (in the Southern Hemisphere) we will experience the first of the trigger dates stemming from this Lunar Eclipse.

Other dates to note are 18th May 2022 when the Sun is at 27°Taurus making a trine to retrograde Pluto in 29°Capricorn, and the 20th August 2022, when the Sun at 27°Leo is forming a quincunx with Pluto, who is still in retrograde motion at 26°Capricorn.

Events stemming from this Lunar Eclipse of 19th November 2021 will be revisited or have some form of re-focus placed upon them around these dates. With Pluto in the mix, expect issues of power and control to be a central factor!

If astrology interests you, I am available for readings or sign up for my learn astrology on-line course starting again in February 2022.

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