Finding Wisdom through living an Authentic Life: December’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse.

On 4th December 2021 at 6:43pm (AEDT), we will be having a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in 12°Sagittarius.

If you don’t live where Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) is used, the New Moon occurs at 7:43am (UT/GMT).

This is a total eclipse, but for us in Tasmania we will only see a partial eclipse at around 8:05pm (AEDT): you will need to be in Antartica to see the full eclipse!

The New Moon in Sagittarius affords us the opportunity to optimistically plan for our futures!

This New Moon also being a Solar eclipse, really benefits from the Sagittarius urge for new starts, new adventures and new experiences. With these Solar/Luna energies  being projected through a Sagittarius lens, we will sense a new confidence to travel (maybe only within our minds) and explore the meaning of life.

A great time to set your intention to study, learn and gain a new and more expansive understanding of your reality.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse being in the South Node of the Moon suggests that we may uncover and let go of outdated philosophies and ways of thinking that hinder our progress through life. 

Maybe a time to consider the veracity of my information sources – where do I find reliable, truthful information in this day and age? I say, ‘maybe’, but this is has been the message of the Lunar nodes for the last year or so – we have been tasked with finding a balance between the accepted truth of the Sagittarius South Node and the inquisitive and practical information of the Gemini North Node. We only need to reflect on the recent history of social media concerns, ‘fake news’, and the control of where we can obtain ‘truthful’ information, to get a feel for this pressing concern!

With the nodal axis about to change from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio, have we found the ‘answer’ to this question?

Could the New Moon/Solar Eclipse provide us with the opportunity to find faith within ourselves – to think with our hearts and allow intuition to take a more central role in decision making processes?

With the New Moon being in quincunx with Uranus (orange line on the chart opposite), we have a frustrating element being added to this opportunity to sow the seeds for finding meaning and faith.

A quincunx is a 150° aspect between planets in signs that have nothing in common: Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable fire sign, whilst Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign.

Here then, we don’t just need to find compromise, we need to find new ways of combing these energies and applying them to our lives. Will the New Moon/Solar Eclipse reveal that our faith has been misplaced? Can we find wisdom and security through living a more authentic life? 

Uranus remains in square with Saturn (red line on chart above), and as you’d be aware, this aspect has been ongoing throughout the year (its actually part of a cycle that commenced in 1988 when Saturn was conjunct Uranus in 23°Sagittarius, and will end when a new Saturn Uranus cycle starts at 28°Gemini in 2032).

The Saturn Uranus square is, as all squares are, a time of tension between the two planets. 

With Saturn in Aquarius, we have the push for innovative, structural changes – new ways of governance for example, being in conflict with Uranus in Taurus that wants authenticity, reform and security in the realm of our earthly resources. In a  way, Saturn is bringing new laws to manage revolutionary changes occurring to our planet, our values and worth.

Likewise, Uranus in Taurus is ushering in change in what we perceive as valuable, how we value our resources, and how we use them to gain security and wellbeing (think, energy sources, food stuffs, transportation, money, etc). Saturn could represent the traditional viewpoint of how we use earth’s resources, such as oil and the US dollar versus renewable energy and Bitcoin.

With squares, rather than dwelling on the frustration they create, we need to take action and do something to express the energies of both planetary needs: Saturn’s requirement for structure, commitment, and responsibility, needs to be harmonised and blended with Uranus’ drive for change, independence and freedom from the past! 

A difficult thing to do! No wonder we find ourselves in seemingly draconian times!

But here, with Saturn being in sextile to the New Moon (green line in chart above), the ‘authorities’ (Saturn) have an opportunity to plant the seeds for a more supportive and easier path to harmony with Uranus’ push for the change that is occurring. A Sagittarius New Moon coupled with a Solar Eclipse should be a great time for new discoveries: maybe new philosophies, medicines and technologies will be ‘seeded’ at this time which will benefit the continuing stability of humanity?

Another fascinating lunation, with so much cosmic energy for us to tap into and utilise for our conscious evolution – wishing you all the best!

Check your natal chart to get an idea of the influence of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse:

With the New Moon occurring at 12° Sagittarius, if you have planets between 10° and 14° Sagittarius, energy of these planets will fuse with the New Moon and create a ’super planet’ that will be expressed in the House it falls in (remember that the House equates to an area of life).

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 10° and 14° Gemini, the New Moon will be in opposition, creating the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies involved.

Planets or points at 10° and 14°  of Aquarius or Libra will be in sextile to the New Moon, and will provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities for growth.

At 10° and 14°  of Leo or Aries, any natal planets or points will form a trine with the New Moon, facilitating a greater sense of harmony and flow, but if not worked with, these energies will lack the vitality they could bring you.

If you have any planets or points between 10° and 14° of Pisces or Virgo, the New Moon will form a square aspect and will potentially bring tense energies that will create a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth!

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