Learn Astrology:

Using astrology to live life to the full

 Six Session Zoom Course

Starting 2nd February 2022

Using your own birth chart, you will learn astrological tools to work with the planets here on Earth and use them to your Soul’s advantage!

This fortnightly 6 session on-line course is fundamental and basic in an essential and  practical manner.

By doing this course, you will be able to readily apply astrology to your life and use it to power yourself through this incarnation.

You will learn about the planets in astrology, the Zodiac, the Houses and how your natal chart is structured as your ‘cosmic DNA’!

Session topics include:

  • Living in harmony with the seasons: astrology’s secret to getting the most out of life.
  • Living a magickal life by partnering with your birth chart.
  • My Soul’s journey in this incarnation: Navigating the Head and Tail of the Dragon!
  • Healing my wounds and finding growth in this incarnation.
  • How to use your birth chart and the cosmic cycle for happiness and expansion.
  • Harnessing the power of the Planets and Preparing for the cosmic ‘weather’.

The course commences 7pm on Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 and then fortnightly Wednesday’s for 6 sessions.

It is run as a small class to ensure a personal experience for all (min 4/max 6 participants).

Each session will be via Zoom, and will last up to 2 hours, including Q&A. 

Cost is $A150.00 paid in advance.

Each session will be recorded and provided afterwards for you to review.

To enrol or gain further information email me at:



“I have absolutely loved your lessons, and learning alongside the other ladies, I’ll be sad to end!” KJ

“Thank you very much for all you wisdom and contributions towards living my highest self.” DR

“Thanks for doing what you’re doing!” MM

“I am still blown away with our conversation, have listened to a few times, so much appreciation for what you do.” LB

“I am proud to say that I now have some deeper knowledge and understanding around astrology which was one of my goals in doing the course.”  CJ

“The course has honestly been one of the most helpful therapeutic/spiritual tools I have had” KJ

“This six week course blew my socks off! Loads of astrological info. Charles prepared my natal chart and explained what it all means. Plenty of time to ask questions, small class size. Well paced course and excellent value for money. Thank you Charles, I have recommended your course to all my friends. ” WB

2 thoughts on “Learn Astrology:

  1. Hi

    I’d love to enrol in your Astrology Course!

    It comes highly recommended from Kacee Johnstone.

    I’ve just tried to go to the link in your email – with no luck. Could you please send me the extra details?

    Many Thanks

    Jo Matthews

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Thanks Jo – there was a problem with the email link – we are in Mercury retrograde after all!

      I’ve sent you a separate details with how to enrol.

      See you on-line soon, Charles

      Charles Crocker (BA Hons), Member of the Victorian Astrologers Association, Member of the Organisation of Professional Astrologers.

      W: halcyontasmania.net E: halcycontasmania@gmail.com FB: Halcyon Tasmania


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