New Moon in Aries: Speak to the Soul and Heal your Self!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere on Friday, 1st April at 5:24pm (AEDT) we have the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year in 11°Aries.

A New Moon is a time to sow the seeds for a new venture that sees our conscious awareness expand.

In Aries, this New Moon is about us: You and Me.

Aries is the first amongst equals in the zodiac, and as cardinal fire sign, initiates and pioneers our self expression: here we have the courage to exert our will to be. 

With Chiron in 12°Aries, the ‘wounded-healer’ is conjunct this New Moon and as such, we have a fantastic opportunity to start a process of self-healing.

We will be energised with a motivating drive to seek the means to heal our wounds through our own resources. We can utilise our own will to cure ourselves of the ‘wounds’ that hold us back from expressing our authentic self out into the world.

And with Mercury in 09°Aries also in conjunction with the New Moon maybe it is time to go within and communicate with yourself – speak with your Soul to discover what it is that you need to heal your Self – that aspect of Being that reflects the Oneness of the Whole.

With this Mercurial conjunction, our intuition and empathy should aid both ourselves and those around us: what you find works for you could also be of aid to others suffering similar wounds – use the Aries energy to vocalise your Soul-based healing for all to hear!

If you know your natal (birth) chart, you will be able to see where this New Moon energy will manifest for you.

At 11° Aries, the New Moon will form a conjunction with any planets or points (such as your Midheaven) between 09° to 13° Aries. The energy of these planets will fuse with the New Moon and create a ’super planet’ that will be expressed in the House it falls in (remember that the House equates to an area of life, for example, the 4th House represents where you find nurturance, your roots, your home and family, etc)

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 09° to 13° Libra,  the New Moon will be in opposition, creating the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies involved.

Planets or points (such as the Nodes of the Moon) at 09° to 13° of Gemini or Aquarius will be in sextile to the New Moon, and will provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities for growth.

At 09° to 13° of Leo or Sagittarius, any natal planets or points will form a trine with the New Moon, facilitating a greater sense of harmony and flow, but if not worked with, these energies will lack the vitality there could bring.

If you have any planets or points (such as your Ascendent) between 09° to 13° of Cancer or Capricorn, this New Moon will form a square aspect and will potentially bring tense energies that will create a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth!

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I hope the New Moon in Aries energises your Will to sow the healing seeds of authenticity, independence and freedom!


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