Conquer fear and gain serenity: Full Moon in 26°Libra.

This Full Moon occurs at 4:55am (AEST) on 17th April (16th April 6:55pm UTC for our Northern Hemisphere friends).

A Full Moon in Libra grants us the great opportunity to review how we value peace and harmony in our world: as individuals; societies; cultures; countries; etc.

At this time the Sun illuminates our emotional needs and responses in relation to our requirement for safety and serenity based on a fair and just world. A world where we can all find a calm place to nurture our souls and live as authentic beings.

Libra provides such a cosmic energy: an energy to seek co-operation, diplomacy and peace for all sentient life.

This Full Moon reflects on the ‘seeds’ we sowed at the time of the New Moon in 11°Aries a couple of weeks ago (see: New Moon in Aries: Speak to the soul and heal yourself). Have these ‘seeds’ of courage and healing ‘sprouted’ and brought forth hope for a bountiful harvest? 

Now at the Full Moon, we can take a moment to review our progress and see what works and what doesn’t – a time to fine-tune our belief systems and clear out that which hinders our onward path.

Helping us with this task will be Pluto in 28° Capricorn squaring the Full Moon. I saying ‘helping’ as squares generated friction and tension, but they manifest creative energy that we can utilise to build a successful outcome. This is shown by the red line here.

Here, Pluto is transforming how we see authority and those in power over us (He has been doing this since making ingress into Capricorn in 2008 and will remain until 2024), and at the time of this Full Moon I suggest He will be urging us to take a deep look at matters of control – what controls our sense of fear, and how does this prevent us from finding a harmonious and peaceful existence. 

Maybe Pluto will reveal some hidden element of ourselves, our society, or those who hold positions of authority that hinders our capacity for a fair and peaceful world? 

This is what Pluto does – He asks us to penetrate to the core of existence, to conquer our fears, and regain power and authority over our own existence.  From 30th April until 9th October this year, Pluto will be in retrograde motion and will be intensely focused at this point in the zodiac, and providing us with plenty of opportunity for us to evolve.

Here, at the time of the Full Moon, we have the opportunity to transform that which does not produce harmony, balance and peace! 

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