The Moon reveals the Bull’s gold horn!

Finding life’s treasure at the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we will experience a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on 1st May, 2022, at 6:28 PM (AEST), at 10° 28′Taurus .

This eclipse is the start of the ‘eclipse season’ for 2022: we have a Total Lunar Eclipse occurring at 25°Scorpio on 16th May, followed by another Partial Solar Eclipse at 02°Scorpio on 25th October and the final eclipse for 2022 being a Total Lunar Eclipse at 16°Taurus on 8th November. I’ll write more of these as we come to them, but for now, lets sow the seeds for this season by partaking in the ‘Rites of Taurus’!

This is a partial eclipse as the New Moon occurs 12° away from the north Lunar Node – for a total solar eclipse, the distance must be less than 11°.

We won’t see anything of this eclipse – you’ll need to be in Brazil and the southern tip of South America – but, we will be energised by its affect.

Here then, we have a New Moon at 10° 28′ Taurus, conjunct Uranus at 14° Taurus, and with the Sun ’turned off’ for the period of the eclipse, we have a reset and a new start for all matters Taurus. With Uranus here, expect the unexpected!

Those of you who discuss astrology with me know I have a soft spot for Taurus, although I have no planets in Taurus and it is an intercepted sign in my natal chart!

I love the Bull iconology of Taurus – its steadfastness and its happiness being at peace with the Earth.

Here I quote Patricia Crowther’s ode to Taurus:

The Goddess arrives! The Earth is born!

The sunlight gleams on the Bull’s gold horn.

All nature stirs as Taurus is seen,

bearing Venus, the Earth’s bright Queen.

The fire of Mars is lulled to rest

as he lays his head on her soft breast.

Lady of Love all hail to thee,

for Cupid’s swift dart and quickening tree.

Venus in Taurus shows the way,

to live our lives from day to day.

In sons and daughters of this sign

patience and loyalty in them shine.

Wisdom too is here aligned,

in the Sacred Bull all are combined.

Venus manifest in fertile Earth,

all her glories brings to birth!

Taurus, by Patricia C. Crowther. (The Zodiac Experience: Initiation through the 12 Signs)

Listen Patricia read her Rite of Taurus here

A stirring poem from one of my favourite Wiccan’s, written from a northern hemisphere perspective, and rich with Taurian imagery! Patricia evokes the Fixed nature of Taurus, His enduring stability and drive to preserve. She highlights the Bull’s receptivity, reliability and practicality of the Earth element, as well as the rulership of Venus in this sign. 

The New Moon and eclipse, being in the sign of Taurus will highlight all of this for us and practically it will be a time of revelation and an opportunity for a new start around matters of finances and the resources that provide us with material and psychological security. 

Being a partial eclipse, where the Moon will block some of the Sun’s illumination, maybe we gain a glimpse at what we have missed or looked over that could be of value in providing us with security and stability? 

And with Pluto at 28° Capricorn having just stationed retrograde on 30th April, we are now having a second chance to review such matters with a view to who controls  these resources – who do we allow to manage our access to these resources – who has the power over our sense of security and stability? Do we have the power?

I will say, “yes”, and especially at the time of this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse, because we find Jupiter and Venus in an opportunistic relationship with Pluto.

Concurrently, we find the jubilant conjunction of Jupiter and Venus at 27° Pisces, the Sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter and in which Venus is exalted – this is providing us with additional stimulation to look to that which we value, such as money, relationships, harmony, and above all, peace.

With Jupiter providing a confident drive to connect with a higher ‘ideal’ and being in the Sign of spirituality (Pisces) we will have an abundance of opportunities to find joy, happiness and harmony through aligning ourselves with something more than our individual self – perhaps the Higher Self – the Self that is One with All Creation – the Self that is the Fundamental Resource that is of value to all life on Earth?

I hope this New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse provides you with a renewed sense of self-confidence to find peace in your life!

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Moon photo by Drew Rae on Bull photo from

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