Revealing our ‘real’ resources: Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio.

Today at 2:14pm (AEST) we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 25°Scorpio.

This is the 2nd eclipse of the 2022 ‘eclipse season’ following the partial solar eclipse we had on 1st May when the New Moon occurred at 10°Taurus.

We will experience the reverse of these eclipses later on in the year when we have a Partial Solar Eclipse at 02°Scorpio on 25th October and the final eclipse for 2022 being a Total Lunar Eclipse at 16°Taurus on 8th November.

You can read more about this ‘season’ here and get a feel for the ‘Rites of Taurus’ of which this ‘season’ is about.

I say this as these eclipses occur in relationship with the lunar nodes which are currently in Taurus and Scorpio: with the North Node in Taurus indicating a pathway forward and the South Node in Scorpio revealing what is holding us back from taking the steps along this pathway.

In a way, the Nodes of the Moon reveal our evolutionary path, and by comprehending them, we can put an end to the mistakes we keep making in this lifetime!

Where the Nodes of the Moon sit in your birth chart will provide an indication as to how you can utilise this powerful energy to propel your growth and happiness in this incarnation.

With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse happening at 25° Scorpio conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 22°Scorpio, this should be an intense event.

I envisage this lunar event will bring to the surface of our awareness the deep seated Scorpio stuff that we need to review and challenge so that we can follow our pathway, unhindered, in comfort and assured in a contented, determined manner – committing in Taurus style to building our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Scorpio and Taurus can relate to resources: material, such as money and food; psychological, such as self-esteem, talents and skills. 

This is the ‘flavour’ of the whole eclipse season – the resources we have and how we use them.

Quite simply, the South Node in Scorpio shows us what is hindering our growth at this point in humanity’s evolution, and the North Node in Taurus reveals how we can manifest a better future.

Here, during this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio could reveal ourselves at our worst: possessive, controlling and manipulative.

In a way, Taurus is the ‘antidote’, being generous, creative, contented and above all, loving.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse should therefore be a particularly transformative lunation through providing us with opportunities to see what emotions and behaviours no longer serve us well, especially as they relate to resources, and to plan* their removal/replacement with more positive behaviours that aid us on the pathway to Authenticity.

*I write ‘plan’ as we are still in a period of Mercury retrograde – plan now and take action from 3rd June!

I hope this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse brings you a greater sense of personal fulfilment and a much more harmonious, loving life!

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