Medusa’s Head, swamp gas and UFO’s!

Just some brief astrological musings about tomorrow’s US Congress – House Intelligence Subcommittee’s public hearing on the UFO phenomenon.

Currently referred to as UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon), the US government has shown that they are taking the phenomenon seriously.

The US government has asserted that the phenomenon are real, with many leaked military videos showing these UAP’s performing technological feats that our known technology could not reproduce (take a look at the Tic-Tac videos).

The US government has not said where this technology comes from.

Will this be a moment of disclosure – will these UAP’s be acknowledged as not of this Earth? 

Will they be acknowledged to be of an advanced technology, so far hidden from humanity? 

Or, will this be the return of a new age of ridicule – Project Bluebook style – and have us believing that the phenomenon is nothing more than “swamp gas”?

The astrology of the start of the event is quite revealing!

The hearings commence at 9am on 17th May in Washington DC (11pm today for us in the Southern Hemisphere) when the Sun is at 26°36’ Taurus conjunct the fixed star Algol at 26°28’.

With the Sun in Taurus our collective life-force and sense of vitality is illuminated with a determined need to find stability, security and to have ready access to the resources that will provide these comforts.

Being in conjunction with Algol suggests they share a unity of function – they share a purpose and are motivated to achieve the same result.

Algol is called “The Medusa’s Head” and has some pretty negative astrological connotations – principally, being a harbinger of sudden and often violent endings – being “the most evil star in the heavens” (Vivian Robinson [1923], The Fixed Star and Constellations in Astrology, p.124)!

Will we be told that the UAP phenomenon is a threat to humanity? Will a ‘War of the World’s’ panic unfold?

Umm… my experience of astrology is that it plays out in the archetypal realms of human experience, more so than literal occurrences.

So, here we could look to the Medusa myth and see that following her beheading, Perseus (the hero) uses the head as a directed energy source –  a weapon to subdue his enemies – recall, that Medusa’s stare could turn you to stone!

Interestingly, the mythology also alludes to Medusa being pregnant to Poseidon at the time of her death at the hands of Perseus, and from her dying body Pegasus came forth – a unique winged horse!


So, could we awaken tomorrow with news from the US that advanced technology – propulsion especially – exists and our reliance on depleting the Earth’s resources for power is over?

I hope so!

But after all, we may be told it’s just ‘swamp gas’!

If this topic interests you, check out my previous blog on the subject.

The public hearing can be viewed live.

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UFO photo by Derpy CG on

Painting – ”’Medusa”’ by Caravaggio (after 1590; Oil on canvas mounted on wood; Uffizi) *Source: *License: according to

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