Making Astrology Practical: Mars in Aries.

As I wrote this post a few days ago, Mars made ingress into Aries and the start of a new Mars 2 year cycle around the zodiac: a ‘Mars Return’ if you like – just as the Sun returns every year to the exact spot in the zodiac on your date of birth – your ‘Solar Return’ – your birthday.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it takes Mars approximately 2 years to complete a cycle.

For me personally, and I am sure for many you, this is a significant event as I have Mars at 03°Aries in the 10th House of my natal chart.

On 29th May, transiting Mars and Jupiter were at this point conjunct my natal Mars.

Mars rules Aries and here He is especially energised to assert His will, to act decisively and assert Himself to ‘win’ what it is He desires to achieve.

This is the Mars principal – to ‘win’!

Look to you own natal chart and where you find Mars you see how in this lifetime you can manifest your success: the House reflects where you will find the challenges in life to manifest your success; the Sign identifies which ‘methods’ are best utilised to bring about success.

For example, if you have a Virgo Mars in the 6th House, you will find ’success’ in this lifetime through striving towards a sense of perfection and pride in living the best everyday life you can, from maintaining good physical health to establishing rewarding work. 

Using this example, if you were experiencing your ‘Mars Return’, this would be an ideal time to reflect upon what it is that you need to do to feel more successful and that you are ‘winning’ in life.

For a Virgo Mars in the 6th House, a new health regime, a new job, or establishing a new household routine that frees you up to ‘perfect’ yourself a little more, could work well.

Personally, I am taking this ‘cosmic’ opportunity to refocus on what I set out to do when I started my astrology practice – to help others empower themselves through the insights of astrology – to make astrology practical and of everyday value to our lives.

I’ll focus my energy both on gaining new client’s, as well as expanding my astrological knowledge to help me offer more pragmatic assistance to these clients.

If we see this ‘Mars Return’ as the start of a new cycle of action to achieve success, we can apply the same ‘review’ methodology we use with the monthly lunar cycle:

  • The New Moon (the Moon and Sun are in conjunction at 0°) is the ‘birth’ of the idea, the planting of the ‘seed’ and the start of a new project.
  • The Quarter Moon (the Moon squares the Sun at 90°) is a time to build on what was started at the time of the New Moon; to review its progress and consolidate the project’s direction; this could be a time of challenge, where we may suffer doubt and have to do some work to keep the project on track.
  • The Full Moon (when the Sun and Moon are in opposition at 180°) provides us with opportunity to see our project come to fruition; the ‘light’ is shone upon it and we can reap what was sown, plan to continue to the end of the cycle, or abandon what we started!
  • The Last quarter Moon (here the Moon again squares the Sun having traveled 270° from the New Moon position) is the time when the project, now come to fruition, is reviewed with regards to the future – will it bear ‘seeds’ for a new project to commence at the coming New Moon?

So, we can simply do the same with the ‘Mars Return’:

  • The New Mars phase (transiting Mars and natal Mars are in conjunction at 0°) is the ‘birth’ of the idea – the planting of the ‘seed’.
  • The Quarter Mars phase (transiting Mars squares natal Mars at 90°) is a time to review its progress and make changes as necessary to see the ‘seed’ sprout and grow strong.
  • The Opposition phase (‘Full Mars’ just doesn’t sound right! When transiting Mars and natal Mars are in opposition at 180°) provides us with an opportunity to reap the rewards and see our project blossom – or not! A time to take stock and consider what to take with us into the future.
  • The Last quarter Mars phase is that ‘future’, where the ‘seeds’ of the past have come to fruition – full circle – and are ready to see us enter a new project or direction through which we seek to ‘win’ at life!

Of course, even if we don’t consciously engage with our ‘Mars Return’, that event occurs and stimulates our lives energetically on an archetypal level. It would be interesting to go back over the last few years and follow your life events following the ‘Return’ – did life get a ‘jolt’ of Mars energy and your drive for success take on a new impulse?

Aside from Mars and the Sun, we can review our Jupiter (12 year return) or our Saturn (29 year return), as well as Mercury and Venus returns (which vary between 1 to 1 and a bit years) to plan and review how our life is unfolding and how we can use these ‘returns‘ to be more successful at it!

So, can I help make astrology practical for you? And in doing so, help you find great ‘success’ and ‘win’ in life?

Do you have a project in mind and wonder when would be the best time to launch it?

Do you have a burning concern that never seems to resolve itself?

Do yo want to know the upcoming major planetary transits/patterns/cycles that will influence your life?

Do you want to be able to make plans that best suit your relationships, career, finances, health and education?

Astrology can assist with all these and more – feel free to email me to discuss or check out my homepage for more information about astrology and my practice.

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    1. Oh….that suggests drama, excitement and passion!…with a desire for recognition of that which you create…all expressed through exploring life on deep level with others!


      1. Oooh!!! I’ve been head hunted to start in a new role as Case Manager in Social Justice / Homelessness & Housing… for an organisation whose name is obvious in this field… but I can’t tell just yet!

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