Making Astrology Practical: Saturn Retrograde.

As of 7:47am (AEST) 5th June 2022, Saturn will station (stand still) in readiness to ‘turn’ retrograde in 25°Aquarius

This is an apparent motion – the planet does not really flip and rotate in the opposite direction!

Retrogrades occur when from our viewpoint on Earth, we appear to be overtaking another planet that is slowing down on its natural cycle through the zodiac. 

Think of when you overtake another car on the highway – as you pass ahead, the other car seems to move backwards – it retrogrades!

All planets (aside from the Moon – referred to as a ‘planet’ in astrology) retrograde.

Indeed, we have just come out of a Mercury retrograde as of today, Pluto remains retrograde, and later this month Neptune retrogrades. Later this year we will see Jupiter rand Uranus retrograde, as well as undergo two more periods of Mercury retrograde.

Periods of planetary retrograde movement are not uncommon, or anything to ‘fear’!

Saturn, known to the ancient Greeks as Cronus, we see Saturn as the Lord of Karma, the God of Time and even more esoterically, the Dweller on the Threshold, through whom we find freedom in our own self-understanding. 

This is important to remember as  in astrology as He is much maligned as the ‘Great Malefic’ – the cause of ‘bad things’, whilst His son, Jupiter is the ‘Great Benefic’ – the cause of good things.

Where Jupiter expands, Saturn restricts. 

Liz Greene wrote a fantastic book about “Saturn: A new look at an old Devil” in which she states, “human beings do not earn free will except through self-discovery, and they do not attempt self-discovery until things become so painful that they have no other choice”! 

Saturn can foster such self-discovery through the aspects He makes to our natal chart as He transits the Zodiac.

Saturn tasks us to master ourselves – to “earn free will” through taking responsibility and becoming accountable for our own actions. He urges us to build a self of integrity, utilising our own inner resources, and committing to the goal of individuation and authenticity.

Traditionally Saturn rules Aquarius (given in modern times to Uranus), and here we find Him looking to the future, being innovative and inventive – planting the seeds for our maturation and mastery.

So, let’s be practical, here we have Saturn (the planet of Mastery) focusing His attention on the future (Aquarius), and He is going back over (retrograde) ground He has already stimulated (25° – 18° Aquarius, 27th February to 5th June).

What was happening to you during this period?

What was happening in the world during this time?

Events, plans, and decisions that we made then are once again under the gaze of Saturn.

Being retrograde, this gaze is more piercing and internalising. We are getting a second opportunity to review these events, plans and decisions, and to consider how they influence our future integrity, accountability and resilience to achieve our goals.

Where does 18° to 25° Aquarius fall in your natal chart?

What House or Houses do you find 18° to 25° Aquarius?

Are there any planets at 18° to 25° Aquarius in your natal chart? 

Knowing this information will reveal where Saturn is directly influencing your life, and having this information means you can align yourself more readily and greatly benefit from this period of introspection and review.

Likewise, retrograde Saturn will challenge you to manifest change in the area of life reflected by 18° to 25° Leo, Taurus or Scorpio in your natal chart. Again, check your chart to see which Houses and planets are influenced.

Saturn stations (stands still) on 24th October (AEST) and recommences His forward motion (direct) through 18° to 25° Aquarius onwards to Pisces in March 2023.

From 24th October 2022 to 27th January 2023, Saturn will return to the same ‘place’ in the zodiac (18° to 25° Aquarius) that He stimulated directly between 27th February to 5th June, and revisited from June to October this year. 

These dates and 18° to 25° Aquarius have undergone/are undergoing a Saturn ‘intensive’ and to know this helps us to work with Saturn and become more accountable for our future integrity, to strengthen and find confidence in our own internal resources, to mature and become wise!

So, how does this make astrology practical?

Simply note the dates of Saturn’s movements (as indicated above) in your diary and be ‘alert’ to His influence as you plan your life.

Knowing your natal chart is key to understanding and planning such movements of the planets, for example,

Where you find Saturn in your natal chart is where you can ‘master’ life.

The zodiac sign He is in is the ‘method’ He uses to help you master life (for example, in Aquarius, Saturn tasks you with be disciplined yet innovative in your approach to ‘mastery’).

The House reflects where these ‘lessons’ will occur during your lifetime. For example, 18° to 25° Aquarius may fall in your 8th House of Inner Resources and Hidden Talents uncovered through intense and deep interpersonal relationships – this will be where transiting Saturn is having His influence!

You will know that during the dates above, Saturn will ‘energise’ this area of your life and that events will stimulate your potential to ‘master’ life.

Being prepared for Saturn’s transit through your 8th House in 2022 – 2023, you could plan to enhance your life – to find mastery in actively working on 8th House matters – transforming yourself emotionally, spiritually and materially. 

I hope this helps show how astrology can be practical – how we can apply astrology to our daily life to find maturity and confidence in our Self and  ‘master’ our life!

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Stairwell Photo by Pixabay on

Depiction of Cronus as “Father Time” by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Saturn – Public Domain, by NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute –

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