Adventuring through life – connecting with our fellow explorers: Full Moon in Sagittarius.

On 14th June 2022 at 9:51pm (AEST), there will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Recall that a Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose each other across the Zodiac.

Here we have the Moon in 23°25’Sagittarius in 180° opposition to the Sun in 23°25’Gemini.

A Full Moon symbolises a time of review and refinement, illuminating that which we started at the last  New Moon in 09°Gemini on the 30th May.

As I wrote then, the New moon offered us an opportunity to ‘make up our minds’, now the Full Moon reveals how that opportunity is working out. 

With the Moon illuminated, we can take stock of the progress since we ‘made up our minds’ at the end of May. 

With Sagittarius being a mutable fire sign this Full Moon offers us the flexibility to make visionary changes to the practical plans of the last New Moon.

Here with the Moon under the rulership of Jupiter, we have the opportunity to find faith, confidence and optimism in what we created at the time of the Gemini New Moon. 

Here we have the confidence to take stock and make the decision to adventure onwards with our creation or adapt it to provide more meaningful growth towards our search for ’truth’ – the ‘truth’ that nurtures us and the brings emotional security.

This Full Moon may see us truely finding faith in the way in which we communicate with others (a ‘flavour’ of the Gemini New Moon of May) or perhaps we discover that we were overly optimistic and have to rejig how we interact socially?  All with the purpose of establishing emotional security as the basis to adventure through life.

With the Full Moon being in square to Neptune in 25°Pisces we may find that things have been a little uncertain or illusionary, but now at the time of this lunation, we have the confidence to face uncertainty and take action to transcend confusion and see clearly that which may have limited our experience of life.

Saturn being retrograde in 25°Aquarius brings support to this Full Moon, offering us the opportunity to draw on our inner resources to mature and establish a sure foundation from which to utilise the Full Moon’s confidence and optimism in our capacity to confidently communicate with our fellow travellers on this adventure through life!

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