A New Beginning………

Today, with the Sun in 01°Pisces it is my Solar Return, I am relaunching my astrological practice – now reconfigured to represent what I really wanted to achieve a few years ago when I started on this journey.

My focus is now firmly orientated towards Astrological-Counselling:

Using my 30 years experience as a professional psychologist, a lifetime of esoteric studies and astrological insights to provide you with the knowledge to successfully navigate your life.

And today is the perfect day to make this announcement – the astrology supports it!

The solar return chart gives me an idea as to what my coming year will be like.

This year I will be breaking free of the restrictions I had placed on myself – recognising that astrology is the tool I can use to master life and gain a greater sense of satisfaction through helping others to reach such insights themselves.

The Solar Return chart above conveys so much meaning that I can apply in a practical manner to assist me further my goals.

By using your natal chart, I can assist you to better understand yourself and aid you in becoming proactive in making any necessary adjustments to reach success in this lifetime.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to start exploring how astrology can help you too…..

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