Pluto in Aquarius and You – prepare for transformation!

Webinar – 7pm on Thursday 23rd March (AEDT) via Zoom

2023 will provide us with a glimpse of our new collective future with Pluto moving into Aquarius on 23rd  March (AEDT).

Pluto is the astrological archetype for transformation, regeneration, and rebirth. He symbolizes our need to penetrate to the core of existence, to face our fears and to resurrect a new more powerful being.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius is future orientated, it is concerned with innovation and detachment from the old. Aquarius carries the need to be independent from tradition, to reform and become free and original.

Aquarius being an Air sign is concerned with the intellect, the mind and our conscious awareness of life.

Pluto will urge us to transform this area of our lives: collectively and personally.

The Lord of the Underworld will retrograde back into Capricorn from June 2023 until He settles into Aquarius from January 2024 for the next 19 years!

Pluto was last in the sign of Aquarius from 1777 to 1797, and the world underwent major transformation: the old ways of rulership radically changed with the American War of Independence and the French Revolution.

How we lived changed with the transformation of manufacturing: no longer did we live rural lives, producing what we needed in harmony with the land, but became isolated from nature as we moved into cities to meet the needs of the industrial revolution and capitalism.

Pluto is currently coming to the end of His journey through Capricorn, where since 2008 He has forced us to reconsider similar concerns:

Who is in control? 

What is power – literally in terms of energy sources/resources and governments etc.

How is power used to manipulate us?

Face our fears – mortality and the value of life.

And much, much more……

During this webinar, we will explore how the Pluto archetype may play out for the world, and then we will take a look at our natal charts* to gauge how this may be experienced on a personal level and gain some invaluable tools to navigate the times ahead.

This 2 hour webinar is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Via Zoom, this  webinar will take place at 7pm on Thursday 23rd March (AEDT). 

If you can’t attend live, a link to the video will be available within 24 hours.

Cost $25. 

Please email me to secure your place:

*On receipt of payment I will draw up your natal chart that will be used in the webinar and will email you a copy to keep. For privacy purposes I will use your first name only.

Images used:

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on

Liberty leading the People By Eugène Delacroix – Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives via, Public Domain

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