Healing through Balance and Harmony!

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition to each other in the Zodiac: on this day, 08°Aries and 08°Libra respectively. Being in the sign of Libra, we will be experiencing the evolution of that which we value and brings us into harmonious balance with others.

New Moon in Pisces – The Bridge that connects us to spiritual love!

New Moon in Pisces – The Bridge that connects us to spiritual love! On the 13th March 2021 at 9:21 pm AEDT we have a New Moon at 23° Pisces. This brings a beautiful theme of connecting and finding harmony in our relationships with the totality of life.

Activation of our Authenticity!

With the Full Moon being in Virgo, our emotional needs can come under the spotlight for review: perhaps its time to live a healthier lifestyle? Are we managing the stressors of life in a positive and proactive way? Is our working life in balance with our emotional life? Can we find a way to de-stress and improve our mental wellbeing?

New Moons and castrating gods!

Believe it or not – there is a theme! We have a New Moon on February 12th 23° Aquarius at 6:05AM AEDT (7:05pm GMT, 11th February). At around the time of this New Moon, The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all find themselves in the Zodiacal Sign of Aquarius. With the NewContinue reading “New Moons and castrating gods!”

Full Moon at 9° Leo – a time for transformation: trust in life and be creative!

Full Moon at 9° Leo on 29th January 2021. A full moon represents completions and the bearing of fruits – those seeds you planted at the time of the last New Moon in Leo of 19th August 2020 now come to fruition.

Cosmic ‘weather’ forecasting for a new quality of being!

Astrology allows us to gain an insight into the current and future cosmic ‘weather’ – the planetary energies that are likely to impact on our lives here on Earth. Just as you would check the weather forecast to see if a trip to the beach was a good idea or how to dress for yourContinue reading “Cosmic ‘weather’ forecasting for a new quality of being!”

Aspects in action, part 1: Princess Diana

Here I am using the natal chart of Princess Diana to exemplify how aspects can bring a chart to life! Aspects represent connections between planets, points and angles within a chart. Quite simply, we can say that aspects provide us with a deep astrological explanation to who we are. If you know of the People’sContinue reading “Aspects in action, part 1: Princess Diana”