Aspects in action, part 1: Princess Diana

Here I am using the natal chart of Princess Diana to exemplify how aspects can bring a chart to life! Aspects represent connections between planets, points and angles within a chart. Quite simply, we can say that aspects provide us with a deep astrological explanation to who we are. If you know of the People’sContinue reading “Aspects in action, part 1: Princess Diana”

This is the dawning of the age……..

Of Aquarius….maybe not quite yet, but this the dawning of a new Air Cycle, with Kronos, The Lord of Karma (Saturn) making his entrance into the sign of the Water Bearer (Aquarius) on the 17th December 2020. The Great Mutation begins (see my previous post here for more information). An Air Cycle brings ideas andContinue reading “This is the dawning of the age……..”

New Moon with karmic reminders!

We have a New Moon at 23°Sagittarius at approximately 3:15am  on 15th December. For parts of South America it will also be a Solar Eclipse, and mundane astrologers would suggest that earthly upheavals may occur (earthquakes, political or cultural changes, etc). For us here in Australia, and personally we also face potential upheavals, but ofContinue reading “New Moon with karmic reminders!”

All life is a process of transformation – Are you ready for the next 20 years?

2020 has been a huge year of personal and collective challenge. We have been forced to review the way we operate in the world. With the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction* happening on December 21/22, it’s time for us to get rid of the old ways of doing things and prepare ourselves to live completely differently!Continue reading “All life is a process of transformation – Are you ready for the next 20 years?”