Making Astrology Practical: Mars in Aries.

As I wrote this post a few days ago, Mars made ingress into Aries and the start of a new Mars 2 year cycle around the zodiac: a ‘Mars Return’ if you like – just as the Sun returns every year to the exact spot in the zodiac on your date of birth – yourContinue reading “Making Astrology Practical: Mars in Aries.”

New Moon in Aries: Speak to the Soul and Heal your Self!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere on Friday, 1st April at 5:24pm (AEDT) we have the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year in 11°Aries. A New Moon is a time to sow the seeds for a new venture that sees our conscious awareness expand. In Aries, this New Moon is about us: You andContinue reading “New Moon in Aries: Speak to the Soul and Heal your Self!”