Pluto in Aquarius and You – prepare for transformation!

Webinar – 7pm on Thursday 23rd March (AEDT) via Zoom 2023 will provide us with a glimpse of our new collective future with Pluto moving into Aquarius on 23rd  March (AEDT). Pluto is the astrological archetype for transformation, regeneration, and rebirth. He symbolizes our need to penetrate to the core of existence, to face ourContinue reading “Pluto in Aquarius and You – prepare for transformation!”

Getting serious about Pisces: Saturn and mastery of our lives beginning in 2023!

Join me for a special webinar to explore the next 2.5 years of Saturn in Pisces. How may the ‘Lord of Karma’ influence the world around us and how can we use His influence to gain wisdom and mastery of our own lives? What does Saturn do (clue above – ‘Lord of Karma’)? What willContinue reading “Getting serious about Pisces: Saturn and mastery of our lives beginning in 2023!”

Making Astrology Practical: Saturn Retrograde.

As of 7:47am (AEST) 5th June 2022, Saturn will station (stand still) in readiness to ‘turn’ retrograde in 25°Aquarius This is an apparent motion – the planet does not really flip and rotate in the opposite direction! Retrogrades occur when from our viewpoint on Earth, we appear to be overtaking another planet that is slowingContinue reading “Making Astrology Practical: Saturn Retrograde.”

Making Astrology Practical: Mars in Aries.

As I wrote this post a few days ago, Mars made ingress into Aries and the start of a new Mars 2 year cycle around the zodiac: a ‘Mars Return’ if you like – just as the Sun returns every year to the exact spot in the zodiac on your date of birth – yourContinue reading “Making Astrology Practical: Mars in Aries.”

Happy Astrological New Year!

As a new start, I thought I’d try something a little different, and paint a potential picture for Tasmania’s year ahead. Here I am using traditional techniques for reading the ingress chart of Aries at the commencement of the new astrological new year which occurs at the time the Sun ingresses (enters into) the signContinue reading “Happy Astrological New Year!”

Learn Astrology:

Using astrology to live life to the full  Six Session Zoom Course Starting 2nd February 2022 Using your own birth chart, you will learn astrological tools to work with the planets here on Earth and use them to your Soul’s advantage! This fortnightly 6 session on-line course is fundamental and basic in an essential and  practicalContinue reading “Learn Astrology:”