Conquer fear and gain serenity: Full Moon in 26°Libra.

This Full Moon occurs at 4:55am (AEST) on 17th April (16th April 6:55pm UTC for our Northern Hemisphere friends). A Full Moon in Libra grants us the great opportunity to review how we value peace and harmony in our world: as individuals; societies; cultures; countries; etc. At this time the Sun illuminates our emotional needsContinue reading “Conquer fear and gain serenity: Full Moon in 26°Libra.”

Healing and Harmony across the Rainbow Bridge!

On Wednesday 6th October, here in the Southern Hemisphere at 10:05pm, the Sun will conjunct the Moon at 13°Libra, forming the New Moon, which being opposite Chiron, we get a beautiful Libra opportunity to find balance, compromise, and harmony between our luminous core being and our sense of being wounded.

Reflections upon Truth

Full Moon on September 21st at 9:54am (AEST) occurring at 28° Pisces. This Full Moon occurs when the transiting Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces are in exact opposition: 180° opposing each other across the Zodiac. Magicakally, we see Full Moons as relating to endings and culminations, as the Moon is fully illuminatedContinue reading “Reflections upon Truth”