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  • More in-depth exploration of the planetary influences is gained from a birth chart consultation: see here.
  • A birth chart reading can provide a guide to your strengths and weakness, so as to better manage such factors as your career, relationships, finances, children, love and health.
  • Once you have your birth chart, you can better prepare for the ‘cosmic weather’ that is forever changing. I can provide you with a predictive year ahead forecast that looks at the current and upcoming planetary movements that will influence your life: being forewarned is forearmed! Contact me here.
  • Interested in learning astrology? Check my basic and practical course here.

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I was born in 1968 in Germany, grew up in England and migrated to Australia in 1989. I gained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in psychology from the University of Tasmania in 1994, and worked as a registered psychologist for the next 24 years. From childhood I have been drawn to the big questions around life: who am I; why am I here; does fate exist; do I have free will; etc. Obviously then, spirituality became my core focus! ! Read more

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