Medusa’s Head, swamp gas and UFO’s!

Just some brief astrological musings about tomorrow’s US Congress – House Intelligence Subcommittee’s public hearing on the UFO phenomenon. Currently referred to as UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon), the US government has shown that they are taking the phenomenon seriously. The US government has asserted that the phenomenon are real, with many leaked military videos showingContinue reading “Medusa’s Head, swamp gas and UFO’s!”

Sowing the seeds of freedom – New Moon 5th November 2021.

In the Southern Hemisphere we have a New Moon at 12° Scorpio on 5th November 2021 at 8:14am (AEDT). In the early morning of Friday (here in the Southern Hemisphere) the Scorpio New Moon will energise us with the power to transform, regenerate and eliminate the old ways of being! As with all New Moon’s,Continue reading “Sowing the seeds of freedom – New Moon 5th November 2021.”