Healing through Balance and Harmony!

Full Moon 29 March 2021 at 08°Libra 

Occurring approximately 5:48am AEDT (6:48pm UT on 28 March).

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition to each other in the Zodiac: 08°Aries and 08°Libra respectively.

A Full Moon is often seen as time of things coming to fruition, ending and evolving. 

Being in the sign of Libra, we will be experiencing the evolution of that which we value and brings us into harmonious balance with others.

The Libra qualities of love; beauty; self-worth; security; will all be emphasised through the Moon’s emotional energy at this time.

So this will be an ideal time to find some peace and quiet, to share time with a loved one, explore nature, reflect on the beauty of life and creativity: all with a view to evolving our relationship with these concepts and others.

A time then, to connect with others on an emotional level, connect deeper and express our needs for emotional security and nurturing. 

Conversely , we will need to be alert to others around us and to consider their emotional needs: we need to blend and find comfort in our unions with others. This is indicated well in the chart with the opposition with Venus and Chiron. The Full Moon at 08°Libra is forming an opposition to the Sun which is conjunct Venus and Chiron (all at around 08°Aries).

With the Moon opposing Venus, we may find relating to others somewhat tense. Venus rules Libra, but finds herself in a position of detriment in the sign of Aries: here she will struggle to express herself well – an indication of her influence upon the Moon in Libra.

The best astrological advice for interacting with people during this Full Moon (as well as a day or so either side), is to breathe, remain calm, be diplomatic and seek balance and harmony in all interactions – even with those that push your buttons! 

What buttons maybe pushed? With Chiron, the wounded-healer, being in Aries the focus is on our identity, our vitality and drive. Maybe we are too focused on our needs to see those of others? Or, do we lack self-esteem and and a sense of value? Having the inner light of the Moon reveal these wounds to our sense of self during this time will enable us to seek the healing we need to evolve and find harmony in life. Healing will be found through the Venusian principles of union and harmony.

With the Moon forming a trine to Mars in Gemini, we may have an ally to provide some additional planetary energy in boosting our confidence to tackle these sensitive emotional issues! Note also the karmic element of Mars being conjunct the North Node of the Moon pointing to becoming whole!

To get an idea where this will be happening in your life look to your natal chart and see in which house this Full Moon occurs – where is 08°Libra in your chart (here it is the 7th House, emphasising relationships).

Which ever house the Moon is in will determine where you will be experiencing the impact of the Full Moon in your daily life.

Aspects that the Full Moon makes to planets or points (e.g., Ascendant, Midheaven, etc) in your chart of between 06° and 10° will add additional levels of understanding to the impact of this event. 

You will find the following aspects occurring in these signs:

  • Opposition: Aries (here, there will be the need to find balance and avoid the extremes of the planetary energies);
  • Conjunction: Libra (when conjunct, two planets share a purpose: they are unified and their energies remain unique to their own essence but are directed together);
  • Sextile: Leo or Sagittarius (sextiles provide support and stimulation of the planetary energies, providing opportunities to grow);
  • Square: Cancer or Capricorn (these will be tense energies creating a sense of collision, but which if handled well will provide the greatest opportunity for growth);
  • Trine: Gemini or Aquarius (harmony and flow will be found here, but if not worked with, the energies will lack the vitality there can bring).

Aspects in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be especially strong and significant for you at this time.

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