The Illumination of who I Am – Full Moon at 27°Aries, 21st October 2021, 1:56am (AEST)

 “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

We could say that the seeds we planted at the Aries New Moon earlier this year have now come to fruition, the waxing cycle has reached its pinnacle and is soon to wane. 

Here, we have the Sun illuminate the progress we have made in the endeavours we set ourselves around 12th April this year.

What has come to light? What is revealed? What is the result? 

For better or worse, we are at the point of ‘harvest’.

We are now entering the waning phase, a time to go within and contemplate upon our ’success’ and to integrate it within ourselves, to share with others what we have learnt, and prepare the ‘seeds’ for a new Aries Moon cycle to commence in 2022.

Another prompt to ‘go within’ at the time of this Full Moon is the Cardinal T-square formed between the Full Moon (Sun-Moon opposition) and Pluto squaring the luminaries (Sun and Moon).

As the focal planet in this T-Square created by the Full Moon, Pluto will energise this event.

Pluto, the Greek god of the underworld: the world below where we may perceive ‘reality’ free from the illusion of the material 3D world!

Here we see the ’truth’: the veil has been lifted and the illusions removed – we are faced with the core of our being.

Being in Cardinal signs (Aries and Capricorn) suggests ‘action’ is required.

The universe is energising us to be pioneering, courageous, determined, and perhaps, self-sufficient.

With Pluto in Capricorn, we have Pluto in the mind-set of “roll-up-your-sleeves”, with its ultimate focus being on the “Great Work” (Stephen Forrest, [2012] The Book of Pluto. Seven Paws Press).

We’ve had our ‘Plutonian-sleeves’ rolled up since January 2008 and we will have them ‘rolled-up’ and doing Pluto’s ‘great work’ until 2024.

The ‘Great Work’ of Pluto is to transform: to completely penetrate to the core of existence, reveal the hidden reality, overcome fear, and regenerate into something more than it was previous. 

With Pluto in Capricorn, transformation is being forced on us in the areas of authority and power, both collectively as a society and individually as you and I.

What ‘riches’ from the underworld of Pluto can we mine within ourselves to bring to the surface as resources to defy fear, take control and become powerful in our own being?

Looking to the ‘empty space’ opposite Pluto, we find the sign of Cancer and here we get a clue as to what we need to do with all this transformative energy of the T-Square: nurture ourselves, go within and find peace, stillness and harmony!

With Cancer also being a Cardinal sign, we should take action to establish our inner peace: perhaps a pranayama or asana yoga practice would aid here?

Oh, by the way…at the time of this Full Moon, we also have Mercury opposing Chiron, challenging us to consider how our words and the way we communicate can wound each other. It also suggests we can find healing through harmonious authentic communication. More to meditate upon!

And there’s more (there always is)!

With Mars still conjunct the Sun in Libra, we may become somewhat indecisive or prone to anger (Mars is in opposition to the Moon!) during this period, but if we align ourselves with Mars’ drive and focus upon enhancing humanity’s sense of self-worth, esteem and value, we can then use Mars to ‘fight for our rights’ and gain ‘justice for all’!

Regardless, this Full Moon will be a powerful time for us to illuminate who we really are, and to find comfort in ourselves and to share our authentic selves with others for our mutual benefit.

A time to go within and review – Pluto takes us to the depths and has us return reborn anew – a more Authentic Individual – aligned with the Universal Individual – the core truth of our Being.

Where is 24°Capricorn in your chart: here transiting Pluto will make a conjunction, pushing for change – total change!

Any planets or points at 24°Cancer will represent a ‘release valve’ and provide you with additional support, through finding balance with in this Plutonian prompt to raise our consciousness relative to the T-Square formed with the Full Moon.

Planets and points in your natal chart at 24°Pisces/Virgo and 24°Taurus/Scorpio will be able to tap into this push for change in less drastic ways: free of obstacles and with supportive opportunities present.

Don’t forget to review what was happening in the world and your life at the the previous New Moon at 22°Aries that occurred on 12th April 2021 – this Full Moon will see events from that time come to a head!

Wishing you a a potent Full moon – may it illuminate a transformed, real you!

Take a look at my home page if you’d like to explore astrology and find out how you can use it to propel your success in this lifetime!

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