Into the future with confidence and compassion…..

As I write this blog, Jupiter has made ingress into Aries, and as I wrote here, this will be brief period of time this year to assert the faith and optimism in life we discovered or rediscovered when Jupiter was in Pisces.

Compassion, creativity, spirituality were highlighted and energised with Jupiter in Pisces.

Now in Aries, we can become courageous and inspiring – fearless in our expression of our own true self – the self that is one with all of life. 

This self is compassionate, creative, and through these behaviours makes meaning of life.

With Jupiter in Aries, we will have the drive to manifest what was revealed to us when He was in Pisces,  connecting with an ideal that transcends the material world.

Jupiter will briefly return to Pisces on 29th October this year, before returning to Aries on 21st December and onwards into 2023. This return to Pisces will afford us the opportunity to review how the application of our faith and optimism in the mundane world has played out – will we need to fine tune our faith and belief – will we have discovered ‘wisdom’ and sail forth, confidant in our journey through life?

As always, so I believe, it is a great time to be alive!

I hope Jupiter in Aries energises you to initiate and pursue your ‘truths’ through compassion and creativity.

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