An opportunity to ‘make up our minds’: New Moon in Gemini.

Today at 9:30pm (AEST) with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 09°Gemini, we will be experiencing a New Moon.

This New Moon in Gemini makes no aspects other than being conjunct the Fixed Star, Aldebaran in 10°Gemini.

Recall that New Moons offer us an enthusiastic, energised opportunity to begin something new.

A New Moon in Gemini suggests an opportunity to ‘make up our minds’, to adapt and consider the options available to us; to communicate and share ideas with others; be a little more sociable and establish a ‘light-heated’ mood.

Sounds great!

To get a feel for this New Moon we can look to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, who at the time of this lunation remains retrograde, stationing direct on 3rd June.

Being retrograde, Mercury in 26°Taurus is tasking us with retrospection and reflection: reviewing how we have perceived the world and how acted relative to this perception since approximately 27th April this year (when He was moving directly through Taurus, and was at 26°Taurus).

So, at the time of this New Moon we can perhaps look within ourselves and consider , or perhaps re-consider, something we need to learn or communicate to others, sharing knowledge that connects us socially.

We can see that at this time Mercury is square Saturn, challenging us to use our ‘minds’ wisely, to communicate with integrity and maturity, to master our manner of communication and see it strengthen our self’s structure. 

Being conjunct Aldebaran, one of the Four Royal Stars of our astrological forebears during the days of ancient Egypt, Sumer and Babylon, this New Moon has the potential to bring us “honour, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity….” (Vivian Robinson [1923], The Fixed Star and Constellations in Astrology, p.120).

Here then, we have a New Moon that promises us great reward if we conceive to ‘make up our minds’ with integrity and establish greater connections with those around us.

I hope this New Moon provides you with a renewed urge to perceive and communicate creatively for the betterment of us all!

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